Sydney to Hobart 2019


Most of the fleet still in Bass Straight...  24 knot northerly out wide, 2 knots in close... 


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Fantastic Footage and Summary of the 100 footers on ABC24 News at 10am

   should be able to replay from Iview



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Correct, I haven't been this butthurt since that time you dildoed me when I was fucking your little sister.
You need some help! And quite possibly medically if you throw that line around. 
A baseball wrapped in barbed wire is truly deserving of that so called joke. 

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I still haven’t looked back. Were you the dumbass who said they were dumpster fodder?  In no way am I implicating you, you just seem defensive. 
Not at all!!
I’m happy to see to see that the boats that haven’t chosen that corner of the rule/race course prove that they are still in the game.... and they’re doing it without throwing huge budgets at a one race a season campaign.  


I think you’ve mistaken me for someone else. 

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