Taking Oxycodone to Mexico

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Delivering a boat from Mazatlan to Northern CA. Wife just had foot surgery and doesn't need the Oxycodone and some sort of anti nausea medicine (which would be the likely most used.

The Meds are in her name. We have the same married name (and have been so for ~35 years). What is the risk of taking these in case of injury or seasickness (most likely). Don't want to get in trouble with DEA od San Diego customs.




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Using prescription medication prescribed for another person is illegal.    The controlled substance aspect could make it a felony.   Your explanation, if caught, is a good way to get the boat seized.    Customs in some countries can require login names for social media accounts found in your browser history.   You just confessed.    

edit.   If you want emergency pain drugs get lidocaine.   At least you can still work the boat.   

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Not worth the trouble. If you want that kinda stuff in the med kit on your boat. Get your physician to write some prescriptions for the boat owner and put them in your med kit. Chances probably pretty slim that anything would come of what you want to do, but why risk it? 

afterthought: you're also better off having some broad spectrum antibiotics in there than pain killers :)

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Isn't this a bit like taking coal to Newcastle?

Seriously, this seems like a good way to spend quality time with Pedro the cell boss and donate a boat to the Mexican Navy :eek:

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taking-oxycodone-to-mexico (shall I do it?)   

Well, that depends on whether or not you are a man of the Reich. 

If you are, I say go for it. 

@SloopJonB  BTW, a gent I sail with was declared "persona non grata", likely permanently, by Canadian border officials. 

He was driving across at Buffalo, NY and had his girlfriend's prescription meds sitting out in the open in the back seat. 

He mistakenly thought it would be OK. 

Tough town you got there !!  

(But I understand that the US side started that crap, and y'all are just doing the "tit for tat" thing.)