dg_sailingfan said:
You're not the only one mate! I'm too surprised about that. I wrote about it in the "How many Challengers Thread". You absolutely nailed it: Money is there BUT maybe these guys view the AC 75 Concept as too complex for now.
Mrs. Newt, who is smarter and more intellectual than I, and who is in the business of international investing, says that the liquidity crunch in China is much worse than has been reported. I don't know ... what's a measly $200mm to a multi billionaire, even if those billions are less liquid than before? But then again, the Mrs. is always right, right?!?



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dg_sailingfan said:
Odd Argument from you tbh. The Chinese just need to do what Stars & Stripes and Malta are doing. Buy a Basic Design from ETNZ and then go from there. The Money is there.
It is sort of a joke based on emails I get from Chinese manufacturers; "send me photographs and we can produce 75% of original, send sample we can make 98% to original".

Can we clean up the team thread titles?

AC36: Malta Altus Challenge

AC36: INEOS Team UK 


dg_sailingfan said:
Yup, that would be good. I'm probably going to do one for the Brits.

Can we please rename the existing threads and not start new ones for NYYC, Malta, etc? I am in favor of new ENTZ and INEOS threads since it will be nice to have separate threads for AC 35 and AC 36. 


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