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There's no way the EU13M boat budget includes development costs - are they being gifted/buying a design package?

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Wouldn't surprise me at all to hear that PB had assured everyone that there would be a 2nd Italian team competing.......and yes he will provide a package, if that is what it takes to get the team to Auckland.

There's no way the EU13M boat budget includes development costs - are they being gifted/buying a design package?

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Well, it is cool to see the break down by functional area, isn't it?

But even the total 62 million euro is low compared to the forecast cost of being competitive. At today's rate, that's about $73 million USD, which is about half of the number being tossed around for a competitive team. 



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T52 is a waste of time and money. Better off putting 2.9mil EUR into two super foiler teams which, according to GA (and he should know) are closest to the new boats in terms of common issues - rig plan, control issues etc. Whole thing is way underfunded anyway.

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A worthy find!

Hard to believe these two Norwegian hopefuls will build a boat and a team, much less make it to Auckland.  Still, they have been beavering away for over a year and are clearly making progress.

A good chunk of this long story is background but here's the Google translate of the relevant stuff with some minor edits.

"With the latest in Norwegian maritime research and technology, the goal is for Norway to build the world's fastest sailboat - and participate in the America's Cup in 2021.

 "Christian Løken (40) and Petter Mørland Pedersen (34) want to win the America's Cup with Norwegian technology and Norwegian heads, says Christian Løken.

"For more than a year, the two experienced competition sailors have worked on the project, which will end up with the world's fastest sailboat. A 72 foot long submarine boat with foils that make the hull lift over the water surface and can reach speeds of more than 50 knots. Both together and individually, Løken and Pedersen have won medals NM, EM, World Cup and a fourth place in the Olympics in various national championships for a number of years.

"Research centers

"Among other things, they have gained one of the foremost research communities in maritime activities in the world, NTNU in Trondheim.

"- This is Sailing Formula 1 and an opportunity to test the very best of technology. For us, there is a particular development of the foils we are concerned with, says Head of Department Sverre Steen at the Institute of Marine Technology at NTNU.

"He says that they already have a development course for electrified hydrofoil boats for passenger transport.

"New hull types with foil lifting the craft are about to revolutionize the most of water sports, including commercial shipping. Ferries and ships get completely different speeds. Fuel costs and pollution are cut radically when the hull rises and water resistance becomes smaller. Lower energy requirements in shipping, also provide completely different possibilities for battery operation.

"Christian Løken and Petter Mørland Pedersen are convinced that Norwegian maritime technology is so far ahead that it is realistic to build the best boat just in Norway.

"'We are giving full gas,' said Pedersen, who has taken leave from the job as subsea sales manager in Aker Solution.

"'The actual sailing is only a small part of the project and it is not even certain that we will finally be in the boat when the initial competitions start in the autumn of 2019. Our goal is that this will be a showcase for the latest in Norwegian technology, research and maritime industries,' says Pedersen to Dagens Næringsliv."



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It’d be awesome to see more Yacht clubs step up, but until they start writing checks, they have about as much credibility as that pretend challenge from SA that to this day, no one will say where the money went. 



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Good luck to them and one thing Norway is not short of is kroner. "More than 22 species of whales and dolphins can be seen in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf," My recommendation to the whales is to stay well away from those Norwegians.

...we have whales here too - and we eat a few of them - really good steaks.... 

But if they ask me for advice (they probably wont) - spend 100million in developing foils that has nothing to do with AC-rules - and the rest 300million to promote a special race on the coast of Norway... 



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"Come on, now the Cup is a game for architects and engineers, with sailors in the background. And with the risk of investing a huge sum in a very high boat.

"One could see the previous Cup had a direction to follow. You could spend the same amount to develop the project, but with less risk of making a mistake. Take the British and Ben Ainslie in the last Cup: the best sailor in the world, but had a wrong boat. Game over". 

Bertarelli confirmed he would have returned to the America's Cup for the next regatta had the foiling catamarans been retained.

"Yes, I would have participated. Switzerland now also has sailors to do it without problems of nationality rules. Changing boats has lost at least two teams, one is Alinghi (the other, Sweden's Artemis Racing). They would have had six from the beginning. And it would have been easy to go up to eight."

WetHog   :ph34r:

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"Take the British and Ben Ainslie in the last Cup: the best sailor in the world, but had a wrong boat. Game over". 

And it would be easy to rebut this statement as well. 


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