Technautics generic freezer thermostat

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Asking for a friend.

They are looking for a "generic" freezer thermostat after finding a Technautics recharge kit that had a $6.99 can of R134a and a $9.99 hose with at $122.00 price sticker on it.

I googled it and have found a few apparent matches, but I am interested in someone who has has success.

As always, this place is the best and has awesome knowledge.

I've done commercial refrigeration for the last 22 years and can say I'd be surprised if a Penn A19 thermostat wouldn't work.  It's pretty much industry standard and mechanical, so just 2 wires.  However, I've only sailed on dinghys and have never seen a marine freezer installed so wouldn't know if there is some special coating for the copper cap tube and bulb that marine installs use.

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