Tell us about "easing the bolt rope"

Marty Gingras

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SailZing has a little article that suggests easing the bolt rope after one year. They also say that serious 470 racers do it ‘often’.

North says their 470 mains have a stretchy bolt rope and it needs to be tightened now and then rather than eased.

Marty Gingras

Mid-range Anarchist
Today we raced Shields in about 15 knots with puffs into the low 20s, so I took a picture of the main before easing the bolt rope then after easing it. This main clearly wasn't perfect but was far from junk. It had some persistent fine wrinkles at the luff, the C'ham was effective but not as effective as I'd like, and the hoist seemed a bit low.

After easing the bolt rope, hoist increased by about 2 inches, the C'ham was wildly effective, and the fine wrinkles were gone. While racing, the ease sucked up the 3-inch tail provided by the sailmaker and another inch or so. The boat clearly went better.

The pictures aren't clocked perfectly and are a bit distorted, but clearly show a night-and-day transformation. The main in both pictures was trimmed (backstay, sheet, outhaul) about the same, except the trav was down in the before picture. For sure both pictures were with draft as far forward as possible via C'ham and halyard.

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