Test Sailing the RS 21


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5 years ago, I went over and tested out the RS Aero on a bitter winter day. 
I wrote a report about it, that was fairly well received as being objective and honest.
We've sold ~130 Aeros so far, and it became a very popular model all up and down the Western US.

3 years ago, I repeated the exercise with the RS Quest (admittedly a very recreational/club boat). 
Liked what I saw, and we've sold 100+ since then.

For the RS 21, our store doesn't sell keelboats, and while I've raced them a lot, my heritage is in HS/College Sailing, plus Laser/Tasar/29er stuff.
I'm a pretty middle of the road sailor in many respects, certainly not elite level.  But, I tend to know what customers like and what works here in the States.

Anyone want to know anything specific on the boat that I can find out while sailing it?

I'll post my report in this thread in a few weeks



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lol, roger! 
It's been a couple years since I've raced a small keelboat, so, I should be approaching it from a fresh point of view.

RS did release a big PDF of all the updates they've made as they have finalized the boat for production.
Too big to attach here, but, it's close to final form it seems.



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Boat was different than I expected.  Full report coming in 7-10 days.

(this is boat #3, production boat #1 - featuring a revised deck layout compared to the prototypes)

RS 21 - West Coast Sailing test May 2018.jpg


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Boat was different than I expected.  Full report coming in 7-10 days.

(this is boat #3, production boat #1 - featuring a revised deck layout compared to the prototypes)

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I hope it's not as slippery inside as it looks.

I'm not a fan of those foot bolsters. You can catch your feet under 'em when tacking. Hilarity does not ensue..... at least, not there person who does it

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Eventually those bensons will need to be molded into the sole. Right now those granny bars look like late additions to the program. 

The lifelines and stanchions look like they need to go before they are removed during a race or at the dock. 

Other than that, it does look like a nice boat from the one pic and pretty well sorted out. I want to see some video!



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Is it designed to be a foot-in boat or a foot-out boat?

How'd you like that stainless super structure for the mainsheet?  Looks kind of large.



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The report is done, just going through grammar edits by one of our fearless staff here (they have a tough job)....

WCB - Foot in hiking.  The metal hoop is very British.  I'm used to it, nice to grab onto something high up during tacks/gybes.  

Cazzate - The electric motor integration is really slick.  It would be hard to go back to a gas powered motor after playing with this thing for some hours out on the Solent.
I'll try to resize some of the photos I took to show what I mean.


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The Europeans and Germany in particular are going hard out with electric propulsion on small race yachts . There is a very good boat test video on YouTube where they compare 7 performance trailer yachts and all of them have electric drives/outboards and some very slick units too .



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It was silly easy to use.  Just uncleat line, push down till it locks, and go.

I have been told that many European lakes have banned gas outboards.  Not sure if that is the case in the states at all... but gas outboards are certainly not the future.
I really like clever integration like this.  That's why I like that RS is doing a boat this size.

Full report should be out shortly, hopefully this week (I'm sure you're all waiting with baited breath.....)  :)