Textile Cleat


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Has anyone made a Textile Cleat? I see them on the Nodus Insta page but details are scant, and not available on the Nodus website. I'm not talking about a textile clutch, pics attached. The green loop is the finger trap release.
Nodus Textile Cleat.jpg
Nodus Textile Cleat2.jpg

s/v Jedi

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A whoopie sling cannot be released under tension…. what is this finger / green loop thing? It looks ike it hangs kn by a thread?


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indeed, that’s me. Mostly lurking here :) I since found out that what is shown isn’t a whoopie sling but an UCR, Utility Constrictor Rope 👍
Ripper, thanks for that, I couldn't find that for the life of me. It looks like Nodus have it up on their website now, calling it an 'adjustable textile blocker'. Their instagram shows it in action, it looks hard to release.


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