The 13.8

Hugh Gorgen

This is a pretty open ended question. Looking at the sail plan...It's real simple. Now I am no N.A. & I totally respect Robert as a designer. I have had the pleasure of meeting him as well & he is a pretty cool person. But I think this boat needs a cross linked pedestal system for the main & jib. With the new carbon systems it won't add much weight, it also needs the new Harken "Pro Trim" traveler system as well......Ok flame on.


Bob Perry

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Thanks for the kind words. We started with grinders. Over time we decided to simplify the boat to reduce cost.

So here are the preliminary drawings for the new Flying Tiger 13.8. Gotta say, it looks pretty nice. In an act of either amazing bravery or stupidity, the builder despite the sucky economy, is going ahead with the project. Good on 'em! Here is the sail plan. Here is the interior.
Let's play a little game - the first one to correctly guess the price for the boat including carbon rig, deck hardware and motor, less sails, electronics, ex yard in China, wins something good from the SA swag bag. Have fun.
$188,500 USD



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If they sell it today the 974 sq. foot sail area version = $192,798, the 986 sq. foot sail area version = $194,298 and the 1,154 sq. foot sail area version = $198,898.

Now, if they wait a couple of years (takes time to get into production after all) when the dollar will have devalued and inflation kicked in the above numbers will need adjusted up...significantly.

And yes, I am poking some fun at RP and the oddly varying SA numbers. I know things change during design, and the 974 to 986 difference is not such a leap. But 1,154 is a pretty big leap. And the 746 sq. foot for the main (no roach) in the sail plan vs. the 585 sq. foot for the main (again, no roach) in the deck plan drawing seems pretty freaking large. Maybe it's intended as a "sailing ability" handicap system for one design racing. As your sailing improves you are moved to the smaller sail areas?!?!


Bob Perry

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there is a very simple explanation for that jump in SA.

The first listed SA was based upon an early sailplan with area using I,J,E and P.

The current listed SA is based upon some minor rig changes with more I (with the help of th other Bob P. and crew) and using the actual mainsail area with roach included. I think given the current trend towards roachy mains the actual main area is a more legitimate number. But you can go ahead and calculate SA/D any way that works for you. The only important thing is that if you are comparing the rig to other boats you use common methods to determine SA. Maybe I should list SA and SA/D both ways.