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Long Beach, California
So the annual Huntington Beach Pacific Air Show is this weekend; Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This year the big demonstration event each day is the USAF Thunderbirds. We’re very close to the beach and the approach to many over water maneuver is right over our house. I’m pretty jaded but it is impressive when a 6 plane F-16C flight in a close formation flies 100-150 feet over your house multiple times over 1.5 hours or so with the afterburners in full “giddy up”. Too bad I can’t post video here, the noise and sight is pretty impressive from my 2nd story balcony. Last year it was the Blue Angels and on the Saturday we were on the golf course near our house during their part. As impressive as they were, the close slow low over flight of their “mothership” as we stood on the tee at 13 was a sight to behold.
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We did some air to air photos and video yesterday, then went to a local fly-in. My son went with a hangar neighbor to take the video.

My flight test program is 40 hours before I can take passengers. I am a quarter of the way there.