The AC 37 has started, news and rumours


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TC what is your problem.....nobody reads all the threads and remembers all the content. 
Go and see the translation of the Guillaume Verdier interview in Boat and foil comparison. But this is not new, it's common knowledge. One day Ray Davis asked GV to design a foiler for a private person and he came back with the drawing, the private did not buy because too expensive. Ray came back to GV before the last AC.



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AM had good speed over 16 knots, but would have struggled racing in the light conditions that prevailed during the Prada and AC finals. 
They shared very small foils with TNZ but could not exploit it for the above mentioned reasons.

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AM was perhaps the fastest boat of the fleet but we will never know, they had vibrations in the rudder that prevented them to show the potential of the boat.
Of course we know. They were tapped out on speed and handling and lost every race. 



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Shoebox on M'way
This is particularly encouraging "and to assist with the establishment of new teams"

Hopefully software simulation packages. That would save around 40 mill plus.

[SIZE=14.6667px]Interesting.  "[/SIZE] [SIZE=14.6667px]but it is intended that the Venue for the Match will be determined within six months".[/SIZE]

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As a kiwi it hurts to say this.....but Jimmy sailed to a high standard. He’s a top flight helmsman 
Yeah, it's hard to imagine an Americas Cup regatta without him now. Mind you thought that once about Dennis Connor but JS/PB/BT etc are younger than DC ever was in the cup I suspect



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The most important thing: AC75 Racing over the next two Cup Cycles and it is a condition of Entry!
If a team apart from the Poms enter and then win I am sure they could change to another class if they so desired.  And the NY courts would agree.



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Emirates Team New Zealand is pleased to confirm that the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron has accepted a Notice of Challenge for the 37th America’s Cup (AC37) from the Royal Yacht Squadron Racing, represented by INEOS TEAM UK, which will act as the Challenger of Record for AC37.

"It has been agreed the AC75 Class shall remain the class of yacht for the next two America’s Cup cycles, and agreement to this is a condition of entry" 

[SIZE=14.6667px]Where are the haters that said the AC75 wouldn't last more than one cycle!?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.6667px]Told ya so...[/SIZE]
What the fuck?

I'm sorry but how is making acceptance of entry based on AC75 any better than what Orifice and co did in Bermuda?

This is disgraceful. Any other Kiwis willng to voice this opinion?



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I’d be surprised if the USA will challenge in the AC37. However I’d happily be wrong and I’m sure they will be made to feel  welcome. 
Well, the door is wide open.  NYYC missed out on first place in the queue and now they can just join the parade of hopeful challengers.  Currently there is no time constraint on mixing with the hopefuls in the future COR series.

I'd say they've got at least until the publication of the new Protocol in six or eight months from now.

Lots of questions though. Will the two max-boat principals stick together, or will one go it alone?  Will Terry continue as their CEO/Skipper?  Do they still want Deano?

With all their investments in Bristol, RI, Florida and here, plus and a healthy taste of Kiwi conditions and hospitality, will they chuck it all in?

My guess is that Doug deVos will be back for more, Beyond that, who knows!


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