The AC 37 has started, news and rumours


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Cool story for you.  I was a Cavalry Officer in the US Army.  On many occasions we wear a felt Stetson (go watch Apocalypse Now, or We Were Soldiers)...  I was once told to remove my "cover" indoors... I told that ranking officer from a different division to go fuck himself and that if he wanted me to remove my Stetson he would have to remove it himself.    

After quite a few "discussions"...  the ranking officer appiligized to me!!!  A Cavalry Stetson, in the US Army, as part of the uniform, is authorized to be worn indoors. I'll edit this with a picture. 

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A captain, I see.

Here are the analogous Marine Corps regulations:

d. Headgear is normally removed indoors. Marines in a duty status and wearing side-arms or a pistol belt will remain covered indoors except when entering a space where a meal is in progress or religious services are being conducted. Headgear will be worn in Government vehicles, except when doing so would present a hazard to safe driving. Wear of headgear in privately owned vehicles is not required.

Growing up, my father was always covered when outdoors. He even wore a hat when he was in civvies. Habit dies hard for Marines. He was buried in his uniform. No cover, however.



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Really? I disagree. It was excatly done on purpose, let one of the competing Teams pay for it for whatever the spat they had with the ACE! Not really nice from my Point of view. Why do thing Ben was so offended by it? It takes a lot to make him angry.
Ben is a legend as a sailor, not for being a particularly calm guy in many situations.

I heard the Italian bell on the matter and I have no reason not to believe to the bona fide. They were wrong, they amended and apologized.  They had no reason to offend anyone, especially after such a series. What did you pretend more? You are free to stick with your opinion.



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You are correct mate, apologies  :)

I just remember the photo of the boat builders holding a piece of cardboard with the number, it was 101

I did buy a t-shirt from their site back in the day, pretty cheap by cup standards
LOL! Don't apologize, otherwise this place will start showing signs of civility!

Did they end up finishing 101? 



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1. Which two countries have entered a challenger in the challenger series in more years in the modern era than any other countries?

France and Italy with 6 a piece.

France entered a challenger in all 5 of the IACC challenger series and participated again at Bermuda

The USA has been at every AC but was defender for four of those

2. How many countries in total have challenged for the AC in the modern era(post 12 meters)?

13 countries have challenged for the AC during the 8 cycles of the cup in the modern era.





Japan (4 times!)


New Zealand




GBR (only 2 times)

South Africa (once)

and one other team.....can you name the country of origin of the 13th team?
I depends on how you count it. 

Russia challenged and built two boats in 1992. One of those boats made it to San Diego, but never sailed. It was a complete boat, but I don't think it was ever even launched, since they didn't pay their yard bills.

Yugoslavia also challenged in 1992. They started a molded wooden boat, but it was never finished.

And has been mentioned, there was Germany...



Typically shoddy NZ Herald. Dalts doesn't confirm the rumours (next AC round Isle of Wight), at best he confirms there are rumours.

If it happens it will be a dog n pony show (as Paddywackery says), not an an AC match.
Yes a rubbish article. Deliberately obscures whatever it's trying to say.

I'd guess the outcome would be as you say,@marlowe
, which would be fun!

Question: what's the sea state around the Isle of Wight? Could these things hack it in any weather?



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They have announced protocol in 8 months but that it will be in AC 75s so presumably existing teams can fire up right away with 2 boat testing in their existing boats since they are not subject to a protocol at this time.  If I was Ineos, I would be making multiple foil packages and hacking the heck out of Rita for the next 6-7 months
Huh? Two-boat testing? Not anymore.

Simulators, AI and Bots are clearly where the cutting edge is now at. 



It takes a lot to make him angry.
As long as you're not a photographer, that is


Sure they can. Money can walk.  Mount a challenge from an emerging country and you can bring half of your best guys and have half grinders from the local country. There is no nationality restriction on the source of funds. 
no they cant the new rule has lots of conditions "the devil is in the detail" to capture and disallow "workarounds" like above

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New Zealand
I like the new rules.

1. Immediate statement of intention to provide some clarity for those wishing to put together a syndicate.

2. Nationality rules are good. If you think of the teams in NZ over the last few months we always referred to them as the Italians, the Americans, the British (poms) and the Kiwi's. Not like Oracle and Alinghi who were teams of hired guns. The enormous support Team GB, LRPP, and ETNZ got was because they were national teams, full of patriots (except JS)

3. Not sure about the Isle of Wright race but it will give TR the opportunity to stretch her legs, something that we have not had over the last few months. If it provides some exposure for the AC and some cash for teams and some hospitality options and some racing  - well that can only be good. (ps the Poms have no chance with Rita)

4. There will always be some winners and losers with the rules around a new regatta. Alinghi being the biggest loser, a point that I am happy with. The winners will be the Franseco, Ben, Burling. They are with established teams from their own country and have many hours racing AC75's in anger (although I suggest that Ben retires from the sailing team). 

5. Opportunity: China, France, Australia, Sweden, Japan, Stars and Stripes are all provided some leeway to enter the next round. I would suggest that they put in an offer for one of the boat 1's from the existing teams. Crew work is important.

6. World Series. I would like to see a regatta in the UK, Italy and NY (yes Am Magic will be back) in 2022/3 with maybe support races with smaller foilers (junior class). Seeing these boats race with your own eyes will increase interest from all and gain sponsors some exposure in the in-between years. If other countries or cities (Abu Dhabi, Saudi, Spain.... are willing to front with a hosting fee it would be good to have other regatta's at these places.

The New Zealand Government need to front with some cash otherwise they will lose the ability to host some of these events and NZ will increasingly lose many of the benefits of being the holders of the cup.



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Yes, I am with you. As I explained Alinghi had only 3 Swiss Sailors in their Team in 2003. That was cut down to 1 for 2007 in Ernesto. And Larry did the same thing. In 2010 only he & John Kostecki was on that giant Trimaran and in 2013 it was only Rome Kirby after Kostecki got jettisoned for Ben after 5 Races.
your point just further highlights and reinforced what I was believing, interesting and telling statistics you have provided 


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