The best crew?

jonas a

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So there's a lot of talk about foils, wings and control systems, but an interesting question IMO is how hard will these new boats actually be to sail fast around the course?

How equally matched are the crews? Could some teams chose a "safer" design because they're not as skilled or is it more about relevant input from the sailors to the designer to get a well balanced compromise?

Any particular sailor who is extra valuable for the design team who cold have a decisive role in the development? How much will specific match race skills help the teams?

Lot of questions.....just trying to figure out whether there is a chance for a surprise winner or if all will be determined early on in the project, due to resources or lack there of.



Assuming we are talking Americas cup, I think every ( or most ) of the teams would be able to win it in the fastest boat.



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New Zealand
There's 2 teams (sailing teams) IMO looking a little vulnerable in terms of talent. And those 2 teams are Team France and Oracle Team USA. There's 2 teams looking a little vulnerable in terms of a large and obviously technologically advanced design and development program, and those 2 teams are ETNZ and Team France. There is one team who look like they are running hot in all areas, and thats Ben Ainslie Racing, and one team who is very hard to determine where they are at, and thats Softbank Team Japan. They are getting a lot of help from OTUSA but are in the same place in terms of numbers of boats as ETNZ, although arguably ETNZ's boat is closer to the AC class boat than Otosan appears to be. From all the public training videos from the start of the cycle with Artemis and OTUSA training together, Artemis seems to have somewhat decreased their public profile, or Softbank has taken their place as Oreacles training partner?



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Best crew will need to have some of the greatest grinders in the world, sailing experience not important, just stamina.

Doesn't matter how good your helm is if the others have better power and therefore better auto controls and trim.



The last few drift feasts have not exactly been a true test or measure hope Fukuoka will show some decent breeze!