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Thats a great point. I was reading about the original Star Trek series. It was a flop and was cancelled after 3 seasons...  because it only had a 30% market share for its time slot. THIRTY PERCENT.   These days, a blockbuster show might get 5%.  But back then, there were literally 3 channels. If you didn't get 33% of the eyeballs you were sucking. 
Great to watch and see what old school special effects were. :rolleyes:



Super Anarchist

It is not fair from you to blame Grant Dalton for only having 3 Teams in Auckland this time.

LRPP should be blamed for that. They made it as hard as they could for further Teams to participate while Dalts was helping the DutchSail Team + S&S in every way to make it. Remember the late Entry Fee spat between ETNZ and LRPP!

This already has changed as ETNZ and INEOS already have stated that they will help new Teams to make the Start Line!
You are really a LR hater. Do you have a any badge?


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