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How cool is this?




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So cool. So is Alex. Two summers ago he was in NYC with one of his boats and through a contact we arranged a visit. Went down in three ribs from LIS with about 15 kids and got a full on tour of the boat. Alex spent over three hours going over the boat, explaining all the parts and then gave everybody a lesson on his electronics and nav station down below. The shore crew was busy getting everything set for their record attempt but they were also very patient with everybody.

He plugged in some stuff into his routing program with a course across the pond, and the routing program said he would set the record. (Alex was in NYC to set the record sailing across.) And net net when it was all done he actually set the record.





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Said it often .... you might criticise his sailing ability (although in my view you would be wrong) but you just cannot beat him for his sponsor and general sailing PR work.

Well done Alex



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Someone walked to the first spreader 10years ago on an open 50-60. Forget which boat though. It was on a promo vid.

Alex is an fantastic sailor. But as presuming ed said he understands how it all works.



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I've been a big fan of Alex Thompson for a while. This is a great stunt. It sounds kinda lame to call it a stunt though. Good job making your sponsors look brilliant. It's shot nicely and edited nicely. I dig the spray on his jacket in the lead up as well as his nonchalant jump onto #99.

But… I want to see his jump without the cut to the 2nd camera. It looked like he might have over rotated in the jump viewed from the heli. I wonder if he landed on his back in that first attempt and if there was a second jump. Whatever the case, he's a friggin' stud. Balls that clank and cool as hell...


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