THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR


Excellent news.. Sam Goodchld is taking over Thomas Ruyant's 2019 "Linked Out" IMOCA and joining the TR racing team... we Brits will have several people to follow in the VG, all being well

This, from Sam's FB page

BIG NEWS ! Sam joins TR Racing Thomas Ruyant !

A dream come true ! Sam joins the Lorient-based structure founded by Thomas Ruyant and Alexandre Fayeulle, and managed by Thomas Gavériaux. He will sail this year on Thomas Ruyant's Verdier 2019 design, (former LinkedOut) with the ambition to perform in the next Vendée Globe. We are Leyton, an international consulting firm and Sam’s historical sponsor, also joins TR Racing as a partner alongside Advens, a leader in cybersecurity, and faithful supporter of TR Racing since its creation.
TR Racing is shifting gears and will be spearheading the two IMOCA Globe Series, both technical and sailing, convinced that cross-functioning will nourish the team and optimize it’s performances at every level.
Sam : "I am delighted to join TR Racing with the support of Advens and Leyton. It is a great pleasure for me to work with this very experienced team on board a very fast foiler which won both the Transat Jacques Vabre and the Route du Rhum with Thomas. We will benefit from a high level of expertise in order to get up to speed quickly and to be up to the task from 2023 onwards, with the next Vendée Globe as my ultimate goal. It's a dream come true that will allow me to take a major technical and sporting step forward."
Thomas Ruyant : "I can't wait ! With the arrival of Sam, TR Racing continues to grow and becomes a key player in ocean racing. We will accompany him so that he can perform as quickly as possible on board a very competitive boat. This new collaboration will enrich and further enhance the skills of all our team as well as the performance of our boats. We will rely on all our experience accumulated over the last few years, and I am sure that this group dynamic will give us the tools to achieve our sporting goals."



Such a good angle to show just how much sail these weapons carry!
Cheers for posting the pics. I dont facefook, so its appreciate.


Interesting cockpit, looks like there are 5 winches instead of the usual 4, 3 on the back and 2 on the front. So far the disposition I like the most is Holcim's with two pedestals on the sides. Also there's a wheel that looks like the ones in the Ultims, to adjust the foils regularly.

Compared to Thomas Ruyant boat the dodgehpuse looks more like Hugo boss one. Couldn't see it properly on the photos but Thomas Ruyant cockpit looks open aft.
Speaking of Yoann ...