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Hull profile has similar features to the latest verdier designs with the slight, almost, hollow under the chine like prb/11th hour. I'm intrigued to see what the new apivia looks like - I presume it's going to be another verdier?


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Yeah interesting to see Thomas has gone with Finot-Conq rather than Verdier? The bow is designed almost like a power boat which I suppose makes sense given the speeds they average.

Quote Thomas ""Our objective is to boost the average speed offshore," said Ruyant. "It's true that the hull lines, and what we've done in terms of design is quite radical and different from the last boats that went out, which are more scow-like. Ours has a bit of a two-storey hull, with width at the front at the top. It's a bit like a motorboat hull. There's a lot of detail and you can't see everything; you can see the big bow, but the whole hull is very refined and there is a lot of power and a big evolution in the foils."



Yeah interesting to see Thomas has gone with Finot-Conq rather than Verdier?
It's more an Antoine Koch boat than a Finot-Conq.
Koch is an engineer but also a sailor, who worked (and sailed) with Ruyant, to optimised his first IMOCA.
Here an excellent interview of Koch, in which he tells the story of these new boats (two, with the ArkeaPaprec).
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The bow is designed almost like a power boat which I suppose makes sense given the speeds they average.
Obvious similarities with power boat hulls, however it's due to different problematics.
For example, power boats are design for pretty flat sea state while those new IMOCAs hull shapes are specifically designed, optimised, to handle big sea state.
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The Imoca 60 that doesn't follow fashion: Thomas Ruyant's For Peoplee has been launched​

Thomas Ruyant
The Imoca 60 class is preparing for two years of fire, which will culminate with the Vendèe Globe 2024. In recent weeks, many skippers are at work on their boats, and new ones follow one another in France. One of the latest new designs to go on the water was Thomas Ruyant's Imoca 60 , For People . A boat that arouses interest, both because the skipper is one of the potential favorites to win the next round-the-world victory, and because the project brings with it some interesting ideas.

Thomas Ruyant's Imoca 60 – Finot-Conq is back​

Thomas Ruyant's Imoca 60.
Thomas Ruyant's Imoca 60 was designed by naval architects Antoine Koch and Finot-Conq , with the assistance of the engineering design consultancy GSea Design, as well as the know-how of the Breton shipyard CDK Technologies. The shape of the hull is different from that of the recently launched Imoca 60s. She has narrower sections at the bottom, flaring towards the edge. Wanting to make a comparison, it almost recalls some shapes seen on some prototypes of the America's Cup teams, with the necessary differences.
Note the difference in volumes with the Imoca 60 Holcim PRB.
A boat that in some respects goes against the trend of the rest of the new Imoca projects, even in the bow sections which seem leaner and less rounded.

How will Thomas Ruyant's Imoca 60 sail?​

The For People team
With these thinner volumes it will be a fast boat in light winds, therefore in the transition phases between the weather systems typical of the Vendée Globe. It also appears to have shapes particularly suited to foiling : with a less wet surface underneath the boat should be able to detach from the water sooner.
On the other hand, it will be necessary to evaluate how it will hold up to the thrust towards the bow, the Achilles' heel of ocean racing boats. Having a hull shape that is not flat but rather shows an almost U-shape, impacts on waves should be softer.

We will know more in the coming months, also because 2023 is the year of Transat Jacques Vabre, the double ocean crossing where the Imoca 60s will be among the protagonists.
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Joerg Riechers
Any updates on this build
Joerg was sailing Figaro but Im not sure if thats him now.

Especially when you see his new ride
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I was actually wondering if the Bar Karate boys had any podcasts on the TOR, as that very much used to be their thing, but found this very interesting one with Phil Sharp instead.

Bar Karate is only for people with a sense of humour.
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Does the new IMOCA of Thomas Ruyant use a different than "normal" head sail cut? Less sail area at the top but more in the foot of the sail. Potentially catch some "end plating" effect?



The previous boat had the same sail plan. Several pros to that configuration :
- Lower center of effort => less heel for the same driving force
- Wider slot between headsail and mainsail => Better yield from the sails, especially when using multiple headsails (double or even triple head)
- Reefing comes a bit later, and each sail, being smaller, is more manageable

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