The Nacra 5.0 In Very Gusty/Shifty Winds

The abrupt "bang" you wondered about was you mast rotating under load. It was hung up on something then let go. How do you normally control rotation?
Yes, I see now that there has to be something caught, but I have no idea what. I'm going to thoroughly look the geometry over and try to reproduce whatever caused this. Three and a half years sailing this boat it has never happened before.

The Nacra 5.0 doesn't have a mast rotation limiter. The mast "assumes" a position much like the Hobie 16 except the Hobie 16 does have stops at the extremes.

Spreader caught on shroud during the tack. More rig tension required. Do you own trapeze harnesses?
Thanks, I'll check out the geometry. As I said above, this never happened before. The static rig setup was firm, not hyper tight. Yes I do own a trap harness, but never use it on this lake due to the shifty nature of the winds on it. I don't like reverse capsizing and/or tea bagging.



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Happens sometimes on my Maricat 4.3. the mast doesn't 'tack' properly meaning it's holding the wrong way, suddenly because of pressure or just loosening the main it pops over (with a bang).

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