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I can just hear it now, "Stand your ground!"

To most nutcase Floridians "ground" means the entire state, not just your property.
For many, it seems their “ground” is their belief system. This system involves an unwavering belief the defeated ex-President is honorable, truthful, moral, ethical, faithful, competent, intelligent, wise, patriotic, and cares for them.

They cannot allow this belief system to be shaken, much less toppled, as their entire existence will be called into question.

Thus, they must stand and vigorously fight any attempt to inform them of reality.


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Using J6 as an example, you're ok with LEOs being killed due to the actions of a law-breaking mob. The LEOs defending the Capitol on J6 clearly had their lives threatened, they were all justified in shooting and showed tremendous restraint. My point, probably poorly made is to meet future threats with greater numbers and don't put your life at risk.

You need to go back and do some research because you're mistaken about the facts surrounding Kent State. Students were protesting and what prompted the shooting was the ROTC building being set aflame. The NG were not under threat and fired randomly from afar into a crowd. I'm not advocating that approach, but I don't believe LEOs should die due to law-breaking mobs. I assume from your comment you're ok with that.
Was it MTG that said they would be better armed next time?


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Was it MTG that said they would be better armed next time?
From a NYT article not worth citing:

"Then Jan. 6 happens and next thing you know, I organized the whole thing along with Steve Bannon here," Greene said as attendees laughed. "And I will tell you something: If Steve Bannon and I had organized that, we would have won."

As cheers and clapping broke out in the audience, Greene added: "Not to mention, it would've been armed" -- drawing a seemingly surprised reaction from the room.


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If "this" (whatever that is) should have been cleared up 150 years ago, why don't you start it?
BTW ... What is "this"?
Oh, you know what it is, it's kind of silly pretending you don't. What am I supposed to be starting?

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‘We Need to Start Killing’: Trump’s Far-Right Supporters Are Threatening Civil War​

Within minutes of Trump’s indictment, supporters lit up social media platforms with violent threats and calls for civil war.

In what is becoming a now all-too-familiar trend, former President Donald Trump’s far-right supporters have threatened civil war after news broke Thursday that the former president was indicted for allegedly taking classified documents from the White House without permission.
“We need to start killing these traitorous fuckstains,” wrote one Trump supporter on The Donald, a rabidly pro-Trump message board that played a key role in planning the January 6 attack on the Capitol. Another user added: “It's not gonna stop until bodies start stacking up. We are not civilly represented anymore and they'll come for us next. Some of us, they already have.”
Trump has been indicted on seven counts following an investigation by special counsel Jack Smith into classified documents taken by Trump from the White House in 2021. The indictments have not been released, but Trump’s attorney Jim Trusty told CNN that his client is facing a charge under the Espionage Act, as well as “charges of obstruction of justice, destruction or falsification of records, conspiracy and false statements.”
Trump announced the news himself on Truth Social, writing that he had been indicted in the “Boxes Hoax” case, as he put it, and said he would be arraigned on Tuesday at Florida Southern District Courthouse in Miami. Within minutes, his supporters lit up social media platforms with violent threats and calls for civil war, according to research from VICE News and Advance Democracy, a nonpartisan think tank that tracks online extremism.
Trump supporters are making specific threats too. In one post on The Donald titled, “A little bit about Merrick Garland, his wife, his daughters,” a user shared a link to an article about the attorney general’s children.
Under the post, another user replied: “His children are fair game as far as I’m concerned.”
In a post about the special counsel conducting the probe, one user on The Donald wrote: “Jack Smith should be arrested the minute he steps foot in the red state of Florida.”
In addition to threats of violence against lawmakers and politicians, many were also calling for a civil war.
“Perhaps it’s time for that Civil War that the damn DemoKKKrats have been trying to start for years now,” a member of The Donald wrote. Another, referencing former President Barack Obama and former secretary of State Hillary Clinton, said: “FACT: OUR FOREFATHERS WOULD HAVE HUNG THESE TWO FOR TREASON…”
Others on similar social media platforms made general calls for an armed uprising. “The entire Republican Party should flood the courthouse and demand real justice here,” one supporter wrote on Truth Social. It wasn’t just anonymous users saying this, however: Right-wing talk show host Charlie Kirk called on all Trump supporters to descend on Miami on Tuesday to protest the indictment.
“This is the JFK assassinaton all over again,” right-wing personality and Pizzagate promoter Michael Cernovich wrote, claiming that the “deep state” had killed JFK and were now using the Justice Department to take down Trump.
Other right-wing lawmakers and commentators also pushed the idea that this was a politically-motivated prosecution ordered by Joe Biden. Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy echoed Trump’s own words, calling Thursday “a dark day for the United States of America.” In a statement, he also claimed that Biden was directly behind the indictment of Trump in a bid to remove the leading GOP candidate for the 2024 election.
On right-wing media, hosts echoed the messages posted on social media, boosting the same baseless claims while using war-related language and providing no evidence to back up their allegations.
Fox News host Sean Hannity, for example, told his viewers that the U.S. justice system has “been weaponized beyond belief” and that the country is “in serious trouble,” while former Trump aide Stephen Miller appeared on Fox News and said he hoped the “whole of the Republican party, the whole of the conservative movement, the whole of the country that cares about the rule of law coalesces around President Trump.”
Later, one of Trump’s own lawyers Alina Habba appeared on Fox News and said she was “embarrassed to be a lawyer at this moment. Honestly, I'm ashamed to be a lawyer.”
And just like Trump’s last indictment in April, many of his supporters said they believed that these indictments would actually be a benefit to Trump’s campaign.
“It's the biggest campaign contribution ever, thanks Dims,” one user wrote on The Donald. “This will actually help Trump get re-elected by a wide margin. Then he will go on a rampage. These communists don't know when to quit,” another wrote.
Alternatively, some even believed that the latest indictments were the result of Trump’s failure to get January 6 prisoners released from jail while they awaited their trial, something the former president has no power over.
"Karma is a bitch isn't it, you rich fuck asshole,” a 4chan user wrote. “Leaving innocent people to be abused in the DC jail then catch hard time for supporting you on Jan 6th 2021, has consequences.”

As they should!
Precisely what the Second Amendment was written for.
The Coup is Complete
Hence the remedy

Not for nothing

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I can just hear it now, "Stand your ground!"

To most nutcase Floridians "ground" means the entire state, not just your property.
"stand your ground" seems funny for a state that's sinking into the ocean



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Can anyone spell disingenuous? I can't without a spell checker but this is exactly what we see when certain folk state it's time to take back our country and then accuse those who point out that these incendiary (intended) comments are the ones fomenting violence.

Followed by those who state the 2A is for this reason to overthrow the oppressive government (which is why we have been arming up for years) when the purpose was to protect the US from foreign invasion. You know, the well regulated militia part.

I recommend investing in the popcorn industry as this is going to get interesting.

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