The November 2022 election


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Just another example of why election integrity against fraud is important so inconsequential it is nothing to be concerned about.

So you are too illiterate to understand the meaning of "inconsequential"?

5 syllables - my bad expecting it from you.

Here's a hint - it does not mean non-existent.

Here are some facts from a right wing source you'll be a fan of.

WOW - 1400 instances - if they were all in one fucking polling place they wouldn't swing an election.

Flogging a dead horse simply demonstrates that you are a fool.
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I am going to give you an A for effort, too bad you get an F for everything else. Your grade is now an F+. Along the same lines as your post. Soros paid Trump to run for President as a Republican and it worked. The R party will never recover from the shitstain. The hardest part was getting Comey to bury Hilary's campaign with an October surprise. Trump will admit it all on his deathbed.


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