The Ocean Race 2023 leg 3: Capetown to Itajaí, Brazil


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I believe they are already serious. What you see on the videos is less than 1% of what they do. Their Podcasts sometimes give a real glimpse of the situation. They do take it seriously for sure. (and with the forecasted 50kn, Antoine will likely not fly the drone :))
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Mr. Geovoile was not the innocent victim here. He claimed then that the boat position data was his property and his property alone, and not to be re-used by others. As he was and is a contractor supplying data and a website, that is a very interesting legal position to take vis-a-vis the client VOR/TOR. Remember the open data discussion?
Ask the TOR to send you the data. See what answer you get.

He did not claim that. He can not claim that.Yellowbrick owns the data. All his data comes from the Yellowbrick server.

And did you look at the Malizia tracker ?


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Scoreboard for the Imocas.
After Itajai 3 legs to go.
Holcim PRB firmly in the lead.
Score board Imoca .jpg


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TM and HPRB have gone straight north in order the find some shelter from land, +/- 40 nm from the coastline.

Now evading coastal traffic becomes important.



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View attachment 583168 Boats are currently on the purple icon circled and pointed in red.
They will likely want to stick closer to shore to have flat waters, but that entire zone circled in purple is going to be quite sketchy for all these guys as they fly though. It is VERY densely packed with tankers, cargo ships, fishing boats, and so on.
The stream of boats going north/south to the south of the zone is also unnerving but at least the boats are moving parallel to the IMOCAs.
Impressive view of the traffic! However, Itajai is pretty much where your purple line is crossing the coast in the south, so in that sense they are lucky (for this leg).


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I still like Holcims Postion more. Yes, the Tracker is showing Malizia in the lead BUT being on the inside, closer to shore is very powerful. If Holcim can hold that "Lane" and then sail parallel to the Brazilian Coast they are in a very strong Position.


TM and HPRB have gone straight north in order the find some shelter from land

Dunno how much cover they will find, as the waves are coming from almost behind.

Its also getting rather shallow, which won't help.

They just crossed 17 meters, now its 50 meters or so. The whole coast is quite shallow it seems.