The Only Antonov An-225 Gone??!!


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Victim of the war?


There is another one, unfinished, sitting somewhere. Maybe they can salvage enough part to finish it. Unless it is already been done the other way to keep that one in the air...

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Would be nice to see but I doubt it happen...  In today's dollars, that is going to be one expensive project..
I hadn't known it was built and housed in Ukraine - saw it once when taxiing close - having seen some big planes including the 747 with the shuttle and the C-5M this was crazy big.  The article I read about rebuilding mentioned 3 billion US so, doubt that will happen.  If this were an old computer game it would be Pac-man going around and swallowing all the other planes. 



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I just want to know why they would have left it in Ukraine when things got nasty. I would’ve thought they’d find somewhere a little safer to park it for awhile