The Republican Congress Clown Show - 2023 Edition


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The 2020 GOP Platform was just a hyperlink to the 2016 GOP Platform which said about Social Security:

Translated into English, that means Fuck the younger generations. That's the same party who 'paid' for Iraq+Afghanistant off the books (it's an emergency!) and doled out tax cuts to the rich.
As @Saorsa has said many times. "Fuck you, I got mine"


Look at some of its old posts for the style, then look around at the style of the new bullshitters currently on PA. I’m possibly mistaken but I don’t think so.
You mean, read their shit? Fuck no, that's why I have a large Ignore button.



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In fact, they are. I’d like to know honestly why they want to but then that’s basically the same as understanding why @Dog 2.0 lies. Asking a liar why they lie is chasing tails.

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Since you seem to know what the GOP "platform" is, do share.

As far as I have seen heard, it's lots of vague generalizations about spending cuts.

No specifics. No details. Nothing about where and how much. It's almost like there really isn't one.

I contacted Joey's office to get a copy of it like he said to do in his speech, but he hasnt produced it. It might be similar to his own plan to cut SS and Medicare

President Biden, while still a senator for Delaware, introduced legislation to sunset all federal programs, including Social Security and Medicare, Fox News Digital has learned.

While Biden was in the upper chamber of Congress, the now-president put forward a bill requiring all federal programs to sunset after four years.

When pushing his bill as a senator, Biden said "it requires every program to be looked at freshly at least once every four years. When I argued that we should freeze federal spending, I meant Social Security, as well," Biden said. "I meant Medicare and Medicaid. I meant veterans’ benefits. The examination is not just of the increased cost of the program, but of the worthiness of the entire program,"

"I meant every single solitary thing in the federal government," he said. "And I not only tried it once, I tried it twice, I tried it a third time, and I tried it a fourth time."

By Mr. BIDEN: s. 2061. A bill to limit the period of authorization of new budget authority a.nd to require comprehensive review and study of existing programs for which continued budget authority is proposed to be authorized by committees of the Congress. Referred to the Committee on Government Operations.

"This bill proposes to require such an evaluation of existing programs. In brief, this bill limits to 4 years the length of any spending authorization for a program. Furthermore, it requires that each committee make a detailed study of the program before renewing it for an- other 4-year period. The purpose is to assure a uniform scrutiny of all programs on a regular basis. First, this bill would limit the authorization of funds for any program to not more than 4 years. The 4-year period was chosen carefully. It is long enough so that each committee will have sufficient information about the operation of each program before it is required to evaluate its continuation. On the other hand, it could cut off a wasteful program within a relatively short time after its wasteful- ness becomes clear. On grant-in-aid programs to State and local governments, 4 years would assure them of reasonable program stability".

Spin it bullshitters
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The White House ups its game, the GOP wasn't prepared.

White House pushes back against Fox News with epic fact-check based on GOP senator's own words​

February 10, 2023

President Joe Biden's White House quickly pushed back against a tweet shared by Fox News featuring remarks made by a Republican lawmaker.

According to HuffPost, the news network also featured a link to a report accusing the Biden White House of "tripling down" on the president's State of the Union claim that 'some Republicans' [want] to cut Social Security."

Responding to the Fox News report, the White House pointed to remarks from Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Ohio).

"Republican Senator Ron Johnson, in radio interviews today, said that Social Security was a ‘legal Ponzi scheme’ and that Social Security should have been privatized.”......................

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