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I know there are a heap of music lovers here, this may be of interest.




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the thing about it is much for the signatures// the guitar is worth shite all by itself.($200-$300) Now if it had Entwistle's autograph, it would be a hell of a find. If it had ALL 4 , including Moon, then it would be worth a SHITTON....prolly in the range of tens of thousands of dollars....

i see other things with both signatures for sale going for around $300-$500 (US)


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I looked when I bought it and now, found bugger all. Unsigned 60's concert posters I have seen go for 2000 pounds.Un certified signatures are getting 600. If it doesn't rate, I wont sell it, not selling it for the money really.

The Who Memorabilia - Wanted ItemsWith only two members of the original Who line-up remaining demand for good Who related memorabilia has increased dramatically in the last few years and prices have risen correspondingly. Interest is at a maximum for early period material when The Who were performing as The Detours and then as the High Numbers. A Detours poster in excellent condition could be worth as much as £10,000.

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Why would they sign a Squire?????
That was my first thought... not saying this isn't original, but it raises a red-flag since it's like having Jasper Johns sign a copy of Mad Magazine. I would want that signature-verifying-dude from Pawn Stars to check it out :lol:


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Now someone that has a copy of the US Constitution with the First Amendment and the ad the started the whole mess both autographed by Larry Flint... Not something I would have hanging in my office… but non-the-less!

They have been told it is worth a few bucks.. Maybe they'll show up on Pawn Stars one day!

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