things necessary on the boat.. excluding equip


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My wife and I most often pack like we're going to the moon for anything longer then an overnighter.

For a daysail or race must have plenty of eats, finger food and spirits and one gear bag full of gear & equipment if like to have, foulies. One camera case packback, 1-2 Canon Professional camera bodies with at least the Trinity of L lenses including an ultra-wife zoom, a 28-70/2.8 over the 24-70/2.8 II since the 28-70/2.8 L is sharp at all focal lengths, a 70-200/2.8., speedlight, micro-fiber cloth, bulb blower, floss sticks and toothbrush.

For distance or cruises, OTT well provisioned food lockers to make at least stews, chowders, soups, chili and spagetti sauce, wide selection of spices, fruits, vegetables, a variety of onions & garlic, potatoes, rice, brown rice, everything to make at the least full American Breakfast daily, including everyone's personal favorite treats, baking stores for rolls, biscuts, bread, cookies and occasional cake, coffee beans, grinder, cone, filters, spirits and beer for those who consume such, to a 30 day voyage. The gear bag above plus a second and up to third gear bag with clothing, (though I usually get away with two gear bags for 30 days or less, sometimes take three gear bags)terry towels and wash cloths for bathing, spare toothbrush, a shaving kit with tweezers, fingernail clipper, a squeeze bottle of shampoo, ivory or dove soap, Dawn dish soap. 1/4 oz of weed per week, though an 1/8th is enough for me, I usually share, and include an extra pipe or three to share with. I don't pass pipes with crew, because from experience, the creeping crud headcold is the result, which can circulate through the crew viciously. 1-2 Work Station lap tops, spare handheld GPSs, picking up used black and white screen Garmin GPS Map 76 on ebay, not the color versions.

If foul weather is expected - Rather then any of today's yachty racing rubber boots, I prefer Xtratuf 15" rubber boots the fishermen use in Alaska.

Cruising or racing in BC or Alaska waters Mustang Bibs and Float Coat. Extra fleece caps and gloves, extra fleece lined PVC gloves, extra sailing gloves.
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Strong Bright orange bin bags For stuff…

though not always a good idea... There was a blokes head washed up at a popular beach on Rottnest (great tourist spot here) a few years ago. I think the usual drug deal gone wrong. The guys cutting him up had dropped various bits over the side, but in a bin bags. They should have put him in several cray pots, or a long way out to sea (I don’t think they were thinking four dimensionslly as Doc would say on Back to the future). Good for the victim because it meant retrieval of body and eventual conviction of the fellons.


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Seems everything is “equipment” , even a pencil eraser

since you must sleep , and to sleep you must avoid mosquitoes

I’ve been using these plug in chip heater mosquito repellent units my entire adult life

they work…and the chip style is best . The liquid is messy



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Man cannot live on breasts alone
Man can sleep on breasts alone, with a flat stomach, a supple set of hips, and slippery thighs.... But... He's not really alone, nor is he really asleep.... (Although she may be after a half hour or so of his inventory taking.)

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