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Time for the fake imitation guy to start a new fake imitation thread.....

Long live the real Motorcycle

I guess Stowe is still bobbing around, people continue to give him enough stuff to get by and he manages to lure in another young thing.

So it's off to Guyana? Away from the "yachties", lawyers and bill collectors.

Still amazed he can sail around NY harbor without being impounded.

Wednesday, 07 September 2011

After a year of boat living in the protected waters of New York Harbor, Soanya and I are feeling the call of the wild wide open sea again. We think our three year old son Darshen is ready to go too. When a storm wind blows between the buildings that line the waterfront, Darshen stands in the wind with his arms stretched out to the sides and shouts over and over again, “I love the breeze!” Soanya’s family is from Guyana and we have been thinking of sailing there for many reasons. We want to sail to a faraway place where we won’t tourists or “yachties.” We will leave NY be leaving NY and the cold North Atlantic and enter warmer waters and trade winds. As we sail into warm tropical winds we will make our landfall on a jungle coast and begin our exploration of Guyana’s rivers.

A friend of ours had to abandon his 90 ft. sailboat. As a result, he gave us all the gear like the anchor, chain, sails, rigging, turnbuckles, ropes and pulleys. This gift freed us up to imagine we could go to sea again. We have quite a few friends who have been telling us that they want to go with us when we go again. So we are already taking crew onboard and are interviewing others. Rachel has already moved on the schooner and more are coming.

Of course we will have to work on the schooner as we go. Seamanship comes first. As we explore the outer reaches of nature where few people go. We will share our story live as we did on our previous “longest non-stop continuous sea voyage in history.”



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Isn't that dude that nutter that was in that very weird video on that snowed-in yacht a couple years ago?

Anyone remember/have that vid?



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Weid, the gift that keeps giving (and receiving also, apparently)... halle-fucking-lujah ! :rolleyes:



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