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From Foxy29:​

'My pride is hurt': Man's new sailboat washes up on Ocean City beach after hitting rock jetty​

By FOX 29 Staff
Published September 5, 2022 8:53AM
Updated 1:41PM
FOX 29 Philadelphia

Sailboat washes up on Ocean City beach on Labor Day​

Imagine sailing peacefully along the coast, taking your brand-new boat for a spin, when suddenly you find yourself on dry land - and reality sets in.


OCEAN CITY, N.J. - A day at the Jersey shore was not on the agenda when one man set sail on a peaceful journey with his brand-new sailboat. Chesapeake Bay resident Steve Strictland made the unexpected pit-stop when he left Queens, New York, where he bought a rare Coronado 30 sailboat about three weeks ago.

Strictland, a 4-year mariner set the boat to autopilot Sunday night when things took a turn, and he ended up on Ocean City beach around 4 a.m. Monday.

"It was my happiest place," he said. "Now it's my unhappiest place."

Officials say the boat hit the rock jetty off Ninth Street beach then ran aground. The sole sailer was not injured, but his boat suffered minimal damage to its rudder.

Now crowds have gathered at the beach in Ocean City to witness the marooned boat - with some even casting a line before officials shut it down!

Strictland says he needs a tow boat to help transport his boat to a marina when high tide comes Monday afternoon. Officials say that portion of the beach will remain closed until the boat is towed away.

"I'll get her up, get her fixed and put back together," he said.

Although his "pride is hurt," Strictland says he plans to take the boat on a trip to Bermuda when she's up and running!
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1929 Thornycroft 29 meter ketch 'Halcyon' destroyed by fire in Corfu


Halcyon was a classic wooden ketch originally built for the industrialist Samuel Turner in 1929.


She was used by Southampton School Of Navigation for over 30 years out of Warsash as their sail training vessel training hundreds of merchant navy seamen. She has also taken part in a number of Tall Ships races.

A recent exhaustive photo tour found here:

Sad to lose her to fire. Known details below.

Sailboats on fire in Corfu marina

Sailboats on fire in Corfu marina

[Hellenic Fire Service]
07.09.2022 • 18:37 (from
Four sailboats are on fire in the Gouvia Marina on Corfu on Wednesday. According to early reports from the scene, the fire began at approximately 4 p.m. on a docked 20-meter sailing boat before quickly spreading to nearby vessels.
The Hellenic Fire Service rapidly responded and deployed 19 firefighters and five vehicles on scene to tackle the blaze, with more help expected from the port of Igoumenitsa.
The firefighters are attempting to move other sailboats away to limit the fire’s expansion.
It should be noted that the Gouvia Marina is one of the largest in Greece, with a total capacity of approximately 960 vessels.

Update: 29m classic sailing yacht Halcyon catches fire in Corfu​

Courtesy Superyacht Times Written by Alexander Griffiths
8 September 2022 | 00:30 (PDT)

The classic 28.96-metre sailing yacht Halcyon was one of the yachts caught in the fire that took place in Gouvia Marina, Corfu, yesterday afternoon.

Halcyon yacht fire
Photo: SYT Reader

Halcyon was delivered in 1929 by British builder Thornycroft. She's constructed entirely out of wood and offers accommodation for as many as eight guests.

Halcyon yacht fire
Photo: SYT Reader

The cause of the fire is still unknown and no further yacht casualties have been reported.

(7-09-22: 17:00) Breaking: Fire in Corfu engulfs four yachts

A fire broke out onboard a 20-metre motor yacht berthed in Gouvia Marina, Corfu, around 4 pm on 7 September and quickly spread, engulfing three neighbouring yachts in flames.

According to a Twitter user, “following the fire there was an explosion” and the fire has since spread rapidly. Local news outlet reports that “A large force of firefighters are already on the scene, with five fire engines and help expected from Igoumenitsa. The firefighters are working to remove the boats to prevent the fire from spreading further.”

Fire at Gouvia Marina

The cause of the fire is still unknown and there have been no reported casualties.

Yacht fire in corfu
Photo: SYT Reader

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Another one to the skip. Photography too good not to re-post here --

One more into the skip - From (Santa Barbara):

Heal the Ocean Removes Stranded Sailboat from Santa Barbara’s East Beach

Tropical Storm Kay’s High Winds and Swells Combined to Toss Newly Purchased Boat Ashore

A newly purchased and uninsured sailboat beached in a high tide amid big swells from Tropical Storm Kay. | Credit: Steven Cox

Tue Sep 13, 2022 | 4:56pm
After buffeting Baja California with extreme winds and flooding last week, Hurricane Kay weakened to a tropical storm by Friday, but it was still generating high winds and swells, which combined with a very high tide to dislodge a sailboat at anchor just east of Santa Barbara’s Stearns Wharf, tossing it onto the sands at East Beach early Saturday morning.
Heal the Ocean’s Harry Rabin was soon there, concerned the boat’s diesel fuel might contaminate the waters or that if it broke up, more trash would spread. With boat owner Nick Baker, the two pumped the fuel out. “We didn’t want anything going into the ocean,” Rabin said, and Heal the Ocean paid MarBorg to bring an excavator to break up the Dock U Mentor at 5 a.m. on Monday and throw it into a roll-off container.
Heal the Ocean field advisor Harry Rabin made the calls to have the boat removed and made sure the fuel and oils were kept out of the ocean. | Credit: Courtesy Heal the Ocean
Rabin said Baker told him he had bought the boat three days earlier, which was uninsured, as was a second boat he owned. “Heal the Ocean is not here for the purpose of supporting people who aren’t going to be responsible,” Rabin said, stating that the insurance to cover removing a beached boat cost about $150. He said he’d met with Mayor Randy Rowse and was planning to meet with the Coast Guard, tow services, and the City of San Diego, which was having a similar problem of uninsured boats at anchor foundering on the beaches.
Many boats in the anchorage and mooring field had moved into the harbor for safety during the big swells, said Harbormaster Erik Engebretson. Anchoring a boat on the sandy bottom was free, but there was a fee to use the mooring field, which held boats in place with very heavy chains tethered to a mooring pendant and buoy. If not for Heal the Ocean, the city would have had to wait 72 hours before it could act to remove Baker’s boat, Engebretson said.
In addition to high waves, the storm dropped buckets of water in random places — Carpinteria on Monday and Cuyama on Sunday, where thunderstorms sent mud flows through Corral Canyon Creek — but only drops in most of the county. Cuyama probably had the county’s highest rain total, at 2-3 inches, said Eric Boldt with the National Weather Service. The sea breezes are back for a while, Boldt said, but it looked like hot, windy weather would return next week.
A MarBorg excavator tears wrecked boat apart and loads it into a dumpster on the sands. | Credit: Courtesy Brian Borgatello
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Boaters Escape Unharmed Despite Sailboat Hitting Reef Near Cabrillo National Monument
by/courtesy Times of San Diego - Editor 3 days ago

Water rescue
The sailboat on the rocks at Point Loma Saturday. Photo credit: OnScene.TV
Nine people emerged unscathed Saturday morning despite their sailboat striking a reef below the Cabrillo National Monument.
They had passed the Point Loma Lighthouse in the 25-foot sailboat during low tide, according to OnScene.TV, when the accident occurred at about 10:50 a.m. The surf then carried the boat to the rocky shoreline, where it beached itself.
Multiple agencies responded, including San Diego lifeguards, the Federal Fire Department, the U.S. Park Police and the U.S. Coast Guard, but each of the occupants was able to get off the boat and onto the rocks safely.
They suffered no injuries and were transported by federal authorities to the monument to meet family and friends.
The owner of the boat will have the boat towed off the rocks.
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Start of a Louisiana Man thread?

Boater arrested after shooting Coast Guard helicopter responding to distress call
Natalie Neysa Alund
Courtesy of USA TODAY
A sailboat skipper in waters south of Louisiana has been arrested after federal officials say he opened fire on a Coast Guard helicopter as it responded to a distress call.
The Coast Guard responded to a distress signal from a 40-foot sail boat on Thursday located about 75 miles south of Southwest Pass, Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico, according to a news release issued Saturday.
Coast Guard Eighth District watchstanders initially received a distress signal early Thursday morning from an activated emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) belonging to a 40-foot sailing vessel approximately 75 miles south of Southwest Pass, Louisiana. Watchstanders coordinated the launch of a Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans MH-60 aircrew to respond.
When Coast Guard crews arrived on scene in a rescue helicopter, they attempted to lower a radio down to the boat after they noticed a person and two dogs aboard it.
The person then pointed "what appeared to be a firearm at the helicopter," according to the release, and the aircrew heard objects striking the aircraft.
Due to aircraft and crew safety concerns, the helicopter immediately departed the scene. After returning to Air Station New Orleans, the crew observed impacts to the helicopter rotors consistent with projectiles from a firearm, the release continues.
Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk.
The USCG dispatched another aircraft, a cutter with Coast Guard investigators and FBI agents on board, and a 45-foot response boat to track the vessel’s movement.
On Friday, the Coast Guard arrested the boater without incident when Coast Guard Investigative Service returned to the scene in an airplane and a response boat, the release continues.
Officials did not name the boater, say what charges they are facing, or say why the boater reportedly fired shots at the helicopter.
“Safety of life was our number one priority during this challenging incident,” Lt. Phillip VanderWeit, a spokesperson for the Eighth Coast Guard District said. “Through the professional and skillful work of our crews and interagency partners, we were able to bring this incident to a peaceful resolution."
As of Monday, the incident remained under investigation.
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All klanging halyards dealt kwik karma
A picture is worth a thousand words...

A bow kiss leaves a black eye.


The bulk carrier Jalma Topic was transiting upriver on the Lower Mississippi River when it lost steering and struck a stationary barge that was being used for office space.


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Crapo Faces its Final Flush Down the Drain of Maritime History

Every sailor should be sad to see a vessel on the verge of its centennial, whether grand or humble, consigned to meet its final appointment with the ship's-breakers.


Nearly 100-year-old ship docked in Green Bay to be scrapped

by Brian Kerhin, FOX 11 NewsTuesday, September 20th 2022

GREEN BAY, Wisc. (WLUK) – The days are numbered for one of the oldest ships still floating on the Great Lakes, which has called Green Bay home for 25 years.

The S.T. Crapo, built in 1923, has been docked at Lafarge on the west bank of the Fox River in Green Bay, where it has served as cement storage barge, according to BoatNerd, which tracks Great Lakes shipping.

However, Lafarge is expanding its storage facilities on land, and the Crapo is expected to be tugged out of port Friday, according to Port Director Dean Haen.

The vessel was sold to a Canadian company, Marine Recycling Corp., to be scrapped in Port Colborne, Ontario – just west of Buffalo, on Lake Erie.

“All the metals recovered from the ship will be made into new metal, using industrial furnaces with energy savings of approximately 80%, as compared to making metal from virgin ores and, metal is infinitely recyclable. She may next appear as vehicle components!” according to Wayne Elliott, co-founder of MRC.

The ship weighs about 4,000 tons, according to Elliott.

According to BoatNerd’s history of the ship, the Crapo was named in honor of Sanford Tappan Crapo, a co-founder of the Huron Portland Cement Co. It was just the second purpose-built self-unloading bulk cement carrier. It was removed from active service in 1996, and was subsequently was docked in Green Bay. The Crapo made one last voyage in 2005, to Alpena, Mich., to pick up a load of cement.


Nearly 100-year-old ship, the S.T. Crapo, docked in Green Bay, September 20, 2022. (WLUK)


Hof & Gammel Dansk - Skål !
I wonder if it would have any prospect of being saved as a historic ship, if it had a less-crappy name.
I was wondering something similar - if you had a fleet of two ships, and both had identical hours and equal work-life left in them, and you had to make a difficult 50% fleet reduction decision:

Would you choose to keep the "S.T. Crapper" over something with a more boring name ("A. B. Smith", for example) based solely on the name alone?

It would make a good question on a psychological profile questionnaire.


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Running aground in Chaumont Bay...


Technically that would be a 'Perp Wade' instead of a 'Perp Walk'? (see video link below)


What's more embarrassing? Running aground, or having 9 cops show up?

By 7 News Staff
Published: Oct. 8, 2022 at 5:59 PM PDT
TOWN OF LYME, New York (WWNY) - Operators walked away uninjured after their sailboat got stuck in Chaumont Bay Saturday night.
Fire, EMS and dive crews responded to County Route 125 in the Town of lyme for a sailboat that became stuck about 60 yards off shore.
Crews were able to walk out and help those aboard to shore, but had to leave the boat where it was for the night as a safety precaution, citing the waters were too rough to tow it out safely.​

Apparently re-floated a few days later, with only bruised pride.

Was living the dream, now headed back to Oklahoma...

VIDEO: Fort Morgan sailboat removal​

by: Brett Greenberg

FORT MORGAN, Ala. (WKRG) — (UPDATED 4:45 p.m.) The sailboat that washed ashore on Fort Morgan was removed Thursday afternoon.

The 40-foot-long sailboat “Living the Dream” washed ashore overnight with neither of the two owners on board.

The final voyage of a forty-foot sailboat called “Living the Dream” is not what anyone expected.

“Always something, when you come down here, seems like,” said beachgoer Matt Green.

When the boat came ashore more than a week ago, tourists like Heidi Meyers couldn’t believe it. “We weren’t sure what we were looking at, to be honest, and then my husband was like oh my gosh that’s a boat on the beach.”

William Weaver with Weeks Bay Marine followed the coverage of the boat and offered to help. He brought a crew and excavator to the beach on Thursday and in a matter of hours the boat was gone. He befriended the Oklahoma couple who jumped overboard in a storm and swam to shore. Their boat quickly followed. “The rope got stuck in the propeller. The shackle came out of the anchor pin so they couldn’t drop anchor and floated up on the beach. There was nothing they really could do,” he says.

This was not just a sailboat, it was their home where they have lived for the last couple of years around Fairhope Pier.

“We took all their stuff back to them on Dauphin Island. They are staying on a sailboat until we are done and then they are going to move back to Oklahoma,” says Weaver. “No more sailboats.”

The sailboat is a total loss. “Broke the keel on it and had so much damage, water, fire extinguishers went off inside.” Weaver loaded the boat on a trailer for one more trip, “So, it’s going to the landfill.”

The owners told News 5 they were not there when the boat was removed. While they are grateful they said it would be too painful to watch.

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