Thomas Coville RTW attempt 2016


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The South Atlantic doesn't look that bad at all for Coville :


(wind on plus 48 and the Saint Helena high keep moving East apparently)

Not as exceptional as it were for Joyon, but still ...

And I wouldn't be surprised Joyon regret not having taken this window with Idec, now there are back to red and waiting ...



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Checking all this out now- things are looking good for Thomas.

Fingers crossed for him, if he can carry a decent lead down to the Southern Ocean, keep the boat together through there and get around Cape Horn he's in with a massive chance of knocking a chunk and a bit off the record.

Sounds easy.....


Kenny Dumas

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That's a nice "wide" wave he's gonna ride all the way to the cape and beyond as long as he doesn't fall off the backside in the next day or so. "wide" as in a long broad stretch of favorable winds rather than a small band that requires him to move at the speed of the wave. He may even be able to outspeed the wave and work his way to the front of it. Beating Joyon's time to the cape would be remarkable given how far he cut the corner on the Helena high.



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Does anyone remember when did Thomas "lose" his last record attempt?
I believe in the Southern Ocean. It was always a close horse race up until then. And after rounding the horn, he still had chance, but really lost it up near Brazil and over the Equator...if memory serves me. But don't count on it.

Thomas is really hauling the mail right now!


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