Those pesky Orca's are back, and they seem to be learning...


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Nearly all of this aggro behavior (biting rudders, killing giant sharks, attacking blue whales) is the work of young male orcas, typically two or more of them. Mammalian bachelor groups are capable of damned near any rotten and violent behavior, as they vie for their places in the social hierarchy. Young males are far less concerned with impressing females than with impressing other males, b/c that's where the social traction comes. Stupid pointless stunts, or a bit of the old ultraviolence ... you'll see it at any skate park or shopping mall. Or milk bar.

You forgot to mention young male elephants, that terrorize villages, until an American hunting tourist plugs it and gives the majority of meat to the village that it had been plaguing. After that all the other gang of elephants figure it out and take off back into the bush.

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Look friendly enough to me



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There's some good stories and info about Killer whales from the good old Whaling days in Eden (South East Australia)
The whalers would work in collaboration with the Orcas to round up and murder migrating whales, for their help the Orcas would receive the whales tongue as payment. ( "killers of Eden" is a good book about the whole thing )

Anyway, one day a whaler screwed the Orcas out of their payment. <- he really wanted to keep the tongue i suppose.
They stalked this sailor and fucking killed him dead next time he was rowing out to the ship. They kind of just pissed off and refused to help with further hunts after that.

I'm guessing these Spanish Orcas either got smacked in the head by a rudder, or that rudders look like whale tongues.
Don't mess with 5 tonne incredibly smart animals. I wont.


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Another boat attacked 29JUN. 12.5m Jeanneau Voyage was under power. Three miles off shore, five mies north of Sines. Tried full speed reverse, diesel fuel in water, turning off all electronics (except vhf). Whales ripped off rudder. Boat was towed into Sines.


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Guesswork on my part, but it fits a larger pattern.

"Bro -- I'm gonna go after this boat, bro."
"Do it, bro. It'll be epic!"
I was whale watching once and a bunch of finback whales showed up. Those whales are HUGE, second only to blue whales in size. The adults, at 70+ feet, were gently gliding by and sliding under the bow of our boat at low speed. Meanwhile the baby of the bunch, at a mere 20 feet long or so, found a guy in an open rowboat and was charging him at full speed. At the last second he (she??) would dive under the rowboat, missing it by what looked like 6 inches :eek:


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Could it be as simple as they don't like Europeans?

They don't behave that way here and with the number of morons pestering them here they would have every right to.

Even fines in the $10's of thousands doesn't keep the stupids away - we had an incident just the other day where a clown in a speedboat motored around within yards of them. Luckily someone got a hi-res pic of the boats reg. so the police will be visiting them.

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Maybe it’s just orcas being orcas (even our own pets like to chew and destroy stuff just to for the hell of it), what’s changed is there might be more human interaction with orcas than before. Also due to conservation many sea mammals‘ numbers are increasing and we’re seeing more of them interacting with the other growing species-humans. Just my guess.