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On 5/5/2022 at 8:40 PM, Grande Mastere Dreade said:


You will not only get a safety meeting, but a permanent black mark in your file, and time off, if not fired altogether!!
So…….we had a big fruit packing warehouse in my area. In one of the biggest buildings it was two stories high and open to the ceiling inside much like the picture. Scattered around inside were storage rooms all cooled with ammonia refrigerant systems. The ammonia was supplied to each “room” through overhead exposed pipes. Two guys were using a fork lift with a small scaffold on the platform to raise one of them to the top of the ceiling area to service the sprinkler system. Well……guy #1 driving the forklift zigged when he should have zagged and the rig hit and broke an ammonia supply pipe. This resulted in the release of a ton of pressurized ammonia directly into the face of guy#2 who blinded and choking leaped from the elevated platform breaking a leg and arm badly. The leak triggered the leak alarm system of rotating beacons and loud intermittent horn blaring. They made a 911 call to us and when the first engine arrived they were greeted with the loud alarm, guy #2 crawling out of an open roll up door dragging his broken limbs along, and a whitish cloud rolling out the door. 

We were there a while…….


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Looks more like a carving mallet to me, though you could use it for fishing like in the Belleville Triplets (brilliant animation if you’ve not seen it, always played about the time of the Tour de France)





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Got a set of these flex head racheting wrenches recently. Where have they been all my life? Did a car repair where they were perfect.

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Yeah - I have a set of those along with the usual ratchet ones. Sometimes nothing else quite works. Like having a set of crowfoot sockets.

On tools, I recently bought a Makita 36V battery chainsaw with 12" bar. So far I'm liking it a lot. Quiet, decent power, no fumes. OK it's no substitute for the Husqvana or the Stihl, but different use-case.

And quiet. No fumes. The older I get the less I like noise.


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The flex ones are very useful especially for some of the engine nuts in ridiculous position. I have a set of double ended ring Rachel’s. Each spanner has 4 sizes. They also do one which can be used for metric/imp which grip the nut on the flat rather than the corner. Quite useful though a bit more play in them. I think if the nut is under greater load the proper sized socket Spanner is more appropriate, though not always easy in some places. There are some interesting tools out there. Just need to bring them in with out the wife seeing!

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