Three Bridge Fiasco 2014 Edition


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Here we go again, with the 2014 Edition of one of the world's largest shorthanded keelboat races, the legendary and epic SSS Three Bridge Fiasco.

We are well on track to match the past few year's entry count of over 300 boats! But please act quickly, as this year registrations close on January 15, rather than at the Skipper's Meeting as was the practice in past years.

Invitation and notes for the 2014 Three Bridge Fiasco

The Singlehanded Sailing Society invites you to register for the 2014 Three Bridge Fiasco Race, scheduled for Saturday, January 25 off the beautiful Golden Gate Yacht Club.

Please note the following changes from last year’s race:

1) A PHRF certificate (or MPHRF certificate for multihulls) is required if your boat is not racing in a one-design division. A 2013 PHRF certificate will be accepted for this race only, and a 2014 certificate will be required for all races thereafter.

2) The last day to register for the Fiasco is January 15. The deluge of last-minute registrations requires more time than three days before the race, as we normally allow.

3) If you do not receive an email indicating your registration has been accepted, there is an issue that you will need to address. CHECK BACK ON JIBESET. Check your email. In most cases, Chris Humann, the SSS Race Information Officer, will advise you of the missing data in your registration, but you are responsible for determining what is missing and completing your registration.

Please join us at the Oakland Yacht Club for the Skippers Meeting on Wednesday, January 22 at 7:30 pm.

Complete info, NOR/SSI/ASI all to be found at:

There were 151 boats registered this morning -- who's in, who's out? What will the tide be like? CW or CCW? Will Clean be flying out in a chartered jet to cover the event? Will I get flicked for promoting a regatta without buying an ad?

And if you can't race for some reason, please contact the race committee, the RC is seeking help for their own fiasco on-shore at the beautiful GGYC race deck.


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Probably will not make it but I would suggest ANYONE that wants to have a one in a lifetime memory of this race, help on the race deck.

Wife and I helped one year and got in Sailing World. Can life get any better?

Great fun and you can't beat being a part of this race without getting wet.

i gotta be in wilmington, DE for work, so sadly I'm out this year... one of the funnest and most unique races on the north american regatta calendar, no doubt.

if you sail, be sure to attend the pre and post race events at OYC, theyre a real hoot, and you wont find a friendlier club on the planet than SSS



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Did you see the SI's? No check-ins (phone in your DNC/DNS instead) and no Long Wharf restricted area (sort of).

There's a CG restricted area under the old bridge so steel girders don't fall on you - check that too.



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The Additional Sailing Instructions and start times have been posted, and don't forget to read the Standing Sailing Instructions and season NOR also.

This morning we stood at 180 entries.



In talking to a couple of people yesterday it seems like this may not have sunk in, even though it has been posted in multiple places for many weeks now.

See you out there!



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Registrations now stand at 300 now!

Don't miss out, register TODAY. If you can't find your cert or have some other issue, just register anyway and it will get sorted out later this week.

Well, I'm a noob to this race, but I'm excited and looking forward to it. I'm surprised with the large number of entries, I'm not seeing more chatter about it.

Is everyone just holding their breath hoping for wind?

Is GGAC going to be hopelessly full on Friday?

Oh, and if a spinnaker materializes for me by next week, can I change divisions? (from non-spin)