Thunderbird dinghy by Snug Harbor

Picked this up off of Craigslist yesterday, have been able to find very few references to the boat and/or the manufacturer online. A couple forum references elsewhere, a couple 'For Sale' listings, and a blog is about it.
There's a dealer/broker in GA that uses 'Snug Harbor' in their name, but these dinks were made in St Petersburg, FL (see pic of label) and it looks like the company went OOB in the late 80's.
The Thunderbird was made in at least 3 sizes that I have seen - a 7' (w/no daggerboard slot), the 8' (my version, made in '77), and a 10' (no slot and an extra seat, see last pic). Pics are from the CL ad (yellow boat), and the last 2 are from the blog (theincrediblehull @ blogspot).
Anyone else have one? I haven't splashed mine yet, have to make a sail and rigging for it, but will try it out under power later this week.





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My "The Dink" isn't too very different - 8" Dink from American Sail - I got it with the sail kit and bought oars for it. I store it in Sarasota and have rowed it more than sailed.

Honestly, I have not really enjoyed the sailing much w/it - so small I don't know where to put my body! The wind is either too weak or too strong (I guess I don't know the boat well enough). I bought it mostly for rowing so all of that is OK. 

Assuming I can figure out how to sail a real Dinghy (12-14 feet), I'll probably be buying one soon b/c I want to really move faster on the water. 



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I have a little scow nosed Skimmar dinghy similar to what you posted. I got it for free and built a dagger board and lifting rudder then cut down some old sails to fit the rig that came with it. My experience is the same as craigiri the little thing is very unstable and I'm a sailing dinghy racing guy. These boats are too small. I think the manufacturers just wanted to give sail/oar/power options for their listings and didnt really care about performance.

The Sung Harbor boats were indeed built in St Petersburg.   The designer was Ross A Sackett in the last 1960's.  They were and are great little boat.  Not bad for a 50 year old boat:)  There are 3 , 13 ft Thundercat , 10 ft Sailing Wherry, and a 8 ft Thunderbird Sailing Dinghy.

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