Tiller pilot actuator arrangement


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I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions for improving the actuator arrangement for an above deck tiller pilot.

currently I’m using Raymarine’s. ingest tiller pilot, which connects when needed from the top of a cockpit seat to the top of the tiller, about 18” from the rudder post.  this arrangement makes the cockpit locker inaccessible when underway, and makes it hard to repeatedly connect and disconnect the autopilot,  I’m looking for something that can be permanently connected and then easily engaged/disengaged when needed.

The boat is built so that it really isn’t practical to consider mounting a pilot below the deck, it would require a complete rebuild of the rudder bearing arrangement.  There is room aft of the tiller, the rudder post extends about 8” above the deck.

are there any above deck solutions that don’t sly on a linear actuator?  I’m thinking some sort of pinion and circular rack arrangement that could be installed on the cockpit sole around the tiller head / rudder post   




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Some of the Minis use an autopilot ram mounted behind the tiller pivot point.

I quite like the setup this J/88 has gone with:


Its mounted to a below deck Octopus drive thing.

Similar autopilot posted on the B29 thread on this forum as well: https://www.sailutionsusa.com/2020/07/26/chupacabra-b29/