Time for Spring


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Monday, March 20, 2023, 5:24 p.m. EDT is past - Time For Spring!

Time to think about putting the boat in the water?

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If you think you have it bad with daylight savings time and late/early arrival of spring (depending on your local), pity the poor snow man who only yearns for one thing -- to see summer.

"Der Schneemann", also known as "The Snowman," "Snowman in July" or "The Magic Snowman," is a 13 minute animated short film made in Germany in 1944. It was written by cartoonist Horst von Möllendorff and animated by Hans Fischerkoesen in Potsdam, Germany.
The story involves a snowman who comes to life and enjoys winter. He eventually comes across an empty house and finds a calendar showing pictures of a field throughout the months. He sees a picture with flowers in July and decides he wants to see it himself, so he stays inside a freezer for months until he gets out and looks through a window. Knowing it was July, he steps outside and enjoys everything in nature, the grass, animals, wind..in the end, he begins to melt but sings "Da ist der Sommer meines Lebens" ("That's the summer of my life").

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