Tinkerbell is at it again.

Must be nice to move to Aruba. Plenty of high wind practice, combined with enough money to get the gear, encouragement from Dad (and Mom), and three years later you can earn a little money kiteboarding for whatever kind of living that affords.



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more than that

Other Accomplishments

Silver medal – World championships paso fino horsebackriding 2009 – Medellin, Colombia

Multiple prizes in paso fino horsebackriding competitions in Aruba, Puerto Rico and Curacao 2004-2009

Incredibly skillful gal

horse sport at world level is generally the domain of sheiks and multi - multi millionaires


Offringa another story

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Boca Grande is one of the tiniest, yet most awesome spots on the planet! Perfect wind, clean water & nothing else on the windward shore of Aruba