Torrid Thursday - The Commentary


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Bayside, NY
Who's Jes*s? I do know a chick named Jess, but she's a crackhead and she couldn't make it. We get as close as we can without affecting anyone ever. All the media and spectator boats make some wind shadow, but not much, and they're all affected the same. We've got a crackerjack boat handler as well - a scow sailor born in Minnesota. Knows his shit.

hey Mike R - we got some REALLY good pics of your kiddies, and met them last night - fun folks!
So....WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY (pics I mean). Mama wants to know!

Thanks for all the good work. (sarcasm on) I know how difficult it must have been (sarcasm off).



Starlight, Jeff Ecklund's dad's boat, is up here hanging out. Gorgeous boat - that's the one on which buddy melges pinched Mer's friend's ass at worlds in Key Largo

Now this is the incredible commentary you can't get anywhere else. Hope we don't lose you to some big sports affiliate channel...oh wait, you are an anarchist and would never sell out,...AND this IS a big affiliate Thanks for the commentary, keep it coming.



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neilk and mamaclean hope you all are now celebrating one year!!! last year at this time we were at sister clean's house prewedding dining. we love you and your reporting! ;)