Tracking down Hobie 33's

sail number boat name owner club home town



             Bruce Huddleston


                                Sylvania, Ohio, USA






Jim Blakewell

Oklahoma City Boat Club

Okc, Ok, USA












USA 32571

Best Boat EVER

Than Dykstra

Grand Traverse Yacht Club

Traverse City, MI, USA




USA 33

Hobie1 Kenobi

Adam Prettyman

Grand Traverse YAcht Club

Williamsburg, MI, USA





Holy Toledo

Timothy Andrews

North Cape

Sylvania, OH, USA





Hot Knots

Chuck Watson

Frenchman's Bay YC

Uxbridge, Ont, CAN





Jonathan Swift

Ron Nolan

Perry Yacht Club

Louisburg, Kansas, USA






Rich Brew

Rudder Club

Jacksonville, Florida, USA






Craig & Deborah Wilusz


Fort Walton Beach, FL, USA




USA 3113


Christian Schaumloffel

StormTC HamptonYC

Virginia Beach, VA, USA





Pink Panther

Al Michaud

Monroe Boat Club

Monroe, MI, USA



Scott Maust in Pigeon, MI used to have one but I don't think he does any longer.

Peter Hopkins has "no brakes" sail number 102 is in New Orleans LA;  and there's a no longer used Hobie 33 Pineapple Express lying in New Orleans too.

Steve Attard is on his third hull and sails out of North Cape Yacht Club, La Salle MI. started with "leaving las vegas" then "viva las vegas" now "rhumbline"



NW Florida
31945 is now owned by "Pink Spinnaker"  and missed by Craig and Deborah. 

There is one for sale at Fairhope YC, Fairhope , Alabama.  The   Olympic Sailing Association at New Orleans has had one donated and is for sale or something.

As for speeds: Upwind 6.4-6.8 was good targets for us on "Myasasaur"  Downwind was best to gybe at angles, and at the 2013 NACs we hit 19.8 on one of the downwind runs with the chute, blade, and full main up (lots of fun) but regular sailing at 7.5 -11 knots downwind was not unusuall at all.

good times.jpg



There are 3 to 5 of them in the Alameda Marina (S.F. Bay) dry storage lot.

A friend used to own one of the A.M. boats named "Espresso" (don't know hull number).  He bought it from a guy in Fresno many years ago.  Also, there is another one (not counted in the above) that regularly races on the Bay named "Vitesse Too", that is owned by Grant Hayes.


Spent a lot of time on Mirage (R.I.P) in Hampton.  It was replaced with Myrage.  Christian is racing her in every race possible to get her as fast as the old one.

I think ex Smoke now Gail Force is/was owned by Chuck Eldred and is still on the hard up in Yorktown, VA somewhere 

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Sol raced on one for the KWRW feeder race with some olympians. He brought the boat to a regatta I was racing in and it was like bringing a gun to a knife fight. They won overall against boats like my J24 and an SR 21 Turbo.

Particularly fun when their tiller was broken and they repaired it with winch handles and sail ties. 
that was us on Viva Las Vegas not Holy Toledo.  cracked it when someone fell on it the first night and needed to keep it from flexing and actually breaking.

Ripping through the gulfstream at around 15 knots sure was a good time.

Would really like to do another hobie sled ride to havana.



Wasn't the late, great Larry Klein on a 33 when he drowned.  Early/mid 1990's. 

Anybody know what happened to that boat?



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Talked to a sailmaker last weekend who used to make the green sails for Soap Opera, was out of the Dallas area then he thought it was taken to the west coast. I think they won a double handed Transpac in it.  Was a while back.  Was fast and easy to spot. 

I built a bunch of chainplates for these boats a few years back.  The aluminum ones crap out and the rig falls down and peels the boat apart.  there's a google group of Hobie owners that is pretty busy.  They discuss a lot daily.  Surely they know where more of these things are.



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Just noticed it's entered in the Harvest Moon which starts this Thursday.  If the forecast holds should be a fun ride, there is a Hendo 30 to pace with.  I, having gotten older and a bit smarter am on a much bigger boat. 


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Just noticed it's entered in the Harvest Moon which starts this Thursday.  If the forecast holds should be a fun ride, there is a Hendo 30 to pace with.  I, having gotten older and a bit smarter am on a much bigger boat. 
yeah, i see it's done well in a bunch of the harvest moons..    Ray Hubbard  was way to small and an insult to that boat..  probably down in clearwater now..


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