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PIL66 - XL2

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Fujin just entered. We are racing the Caribbean 600 in a couple weeks and then three more regattas in the Caribbean. In mid April we leave St Maarten for a 4000 mile delivery through the canal to Long Beach with a stopover in the San Blas islands. What could go wrong?

There are now 4 multihulls entered including the Orma 60 Mighty Merloe and the Gunboat 62 Chim Chim. I think we'll see at least a couple more.
When I grow up... I sooo want to be you



When I grow up... I sooo want to be you
The Race has had a few withdrawal's with just over a month to go.  Fujin and Timeshaver are among them, and we wish them the best and hope they can participate in 2019 (50th anniversary).

Classes are shaping up, hosts are being selected for participants, slip assignments, etc. are all being sorted.  Hopefully we'll get some better weather this year than the previous years.  It has been a slow race for some time (for the Thursday Starters).



Will follow Commanche in the Transpac 2017...

See you there!.png

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Doug Lord

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Cocoa Beach, FL
Looking forward to following Maserati with her foil system at 100% for the first time! Should be an exciting race especially if Phaedo is part of it.......



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Orcas Island
Saw Comanche loaded on a ship in Narrangasset Bay today.  Rig up, keel on.  All by its lonesome, but looking like they were about to depart.  Presumably to LA for Transpac.  


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On 7/21/2016 at 9:41 AM, opusone said:

Transpac 2017 is now accepting Entries - and with less than a year to go - time to start planning. Interest is quite a bit higher than previous years.

6 Boats already signed up. Our cheesy video from 2015 Transpac below.

Hey Counselor I just watched your video- I think 80% of your crew are Mischief alums-you need the Bubble Boy battle flag.  Same team this time?  Have fun, stay safe, sail fast, and say hi to the boys. 



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Saquo-Pilia Hensha
When do you think they'll publish the class breaks and starting days?
Not sure I really want to know.  If we (Summit 40) go up against the J-125's it's gojng to be a bit of a hate mission.  Just for comparison with a sample polar, the J's are about a day faster!

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