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Is there a pro-democracy wing of the Republican Party?
Mostly they seem to be retiring. I I would love to see an individual responsibility but uniform opportunity philosophy emerge from the ashes, something closer to my perception of them decades ago. I cannot imagine such blatant anti democracy rhetoric being tolerated in our past. Even in the deep South it was always hidden under a thin veneer.
Class act.

He’s phishing for more foreign campaign aid. Odd that the world seems to have shifted and the same candidate might be betrothed to both Xi and Putin.


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I was in a bar one time and ALL the other dudes were spec ops. Or so they said.

One way to out guys bullshitting about their service record, ask where they went to boot camp. "Seattle" is not a possible answer, nor is "Fort McHenry." But don't let on, just nod and say, Oh really, etc etc.

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"—Trump is not calling his supporters to action; he’s calling them to arms.

Yesterday, facing indictment in the federal system and in two states, Trump held a campaign rally where he glorified the insurrection. The once unimaginable is our reality.

In Trump’s 2017 inaugural address, he condemned “American carnage.” Now it’s the vision he is promoting, one where he must win at any cost."