Trump 2024


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After Jan 6th, I'd wager all of those brave Trump acolytes leave their camo in the closet and hide in their little houses this go around. And there'll be a huge police presence tucked away in the back room.

Dog 2.0

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The GOP is fast acieving a level of mediocrity and mendacity that will forever impair its ability to be regarded as a serious part of our nation’s governance.

George Santos, MTG, Trump have stained the brand so thoroughly and captured “the base” so completely that no serious politician can survive the muck.

We are witnessing a sea change, folks. Much like Russia and Ukraine we just have to outlast the orcs.
The Biden administration is fast doing that for the country.

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So, I saw the defeated ex-President is back on FB. Had to have a look.

Note the comment.

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