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I wonder how many were graduates of the KGB blowjob school?

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I wonder how many were graduates of the KGB blowjob school?

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KGB Trained​

August Renfelt

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A social worker goes to meet a Russian woman with a serious problem. But this woman is not just another social case. She has been trained by the KGB. She is determined to use her sexual skills to avoid deportation. Determined to trap her target in a seductive wedding fantasy.

Be advice that this story contains the seductive entrapment of a poor guy who has done nothing wrong.

8 pages, ebook
First published September 23, 2011

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August Renfelt

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I am an author of pulp femdom erotica and I have some eleven e-book short stories up on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords and the like.

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Clearly, she is unfamiliar with the defeated ex-President and what is most important to him.

Laura Ingraham Offers Trump Some Campaign Advice That He Definitely Won't Like

"...stop talking about 2020. It’s over. Enough. Marinating in old claims of election fraud will not win over a single 2024.”

“Talk less about yourself, more about the American people.”

Explain how you’ll rebuild the economy

...surround yourself with serious advisers,

“run against the Democrats, not the media”


“drop the nicknames and petty personal stuff.”