Trump covid pos at pres debate, says meadows ...seems a bit naughty

Sol Rosenberg

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He tested positive, then attended the Amy Comey Barrette hugs & kisses festival where nary a mask was worn.

Ultimately, 11 attendees tested positive.

Then he met with Gold Star families, and mentioned that they just have to touch him, hug him. Nothing like bringing the spectre of death to a meeting with grieving widows& their kids. 

He attended a rally, and spewed COVID and lies at a rapturous crowd.

Then he went showed up late and lied about his test results at a debate with a 77 year old vying for presidential powers and responsibilities.

After all that, he lied and said maybe the gold Star families infected him.

He is a lothesome fuckwad, and our country should inoculate ourselves against his filth by charging him with complicity in a conspiracy to obstruct congress. 
But he owns the libs like nobody else ever could. He knows the enemy and takes the fight right to them. 


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