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It's only worthwhile at kid-weight. A Zuma with more than about 75kg aboard is just not a fun boat, no matter how much sail you pile on...
I have a 1998 Expedition 12.5, which is a Zuma hull with a carbon rotating mast & fixed boom. It's a great kid's boat. Really great. Probably gonna sell it though since I have an Expedition 14.5, which handles 150KG easily.

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Has anyone ever tried to put a square top/modernize a Zuma? I have a friend with one and judging by the hull shape it looks like it might be a fun project. Wondering if it would blow up.
I put an asymmetric spin on a Taz. Damn fun project with my (then 8yo) son. We ended up with a "toy 29er".

Performance-wise, as bl2 says, these small boats are fun at kids weights, and kind of stop with an adult onboard.

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It has been done, built a squarehead for it. I just got rid of a Zuma for free and I didn't see anything about the boat that says it will blow up, sorta on the heavy side for its size. Perhaps if you put a trap on it you might rip something out?



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I weigh 110 kags and I was ripping around Newport a couple weeks ago on a Zuma; even planing. Chased the Red Boat by Yves-Marie Tanton, and then I sailed circles around a brand new J class that was charging upwind at 12 knots. (When I say sailed circles I mean a semi-circle. What a thrill that was!)
It is actually more pleasant to sail than a laser at my size. Fuck the speed difference. If I want to go fast I go in a canoe or a trapeze boat like my 5O5.
If you want to waste money on sails though there is nothing wrong with that. Sails are like gasoline. Sometimes you have to burn through some to have some real fun.


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I weigh 83kg and had loads of fun on my Zuma but it was my first dinghy so didn't have anything to compare it to.
My top speed was 8.2kn but could not sustain that for very long. Could only plane under certain conditions and never for very long.

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