Twitter 15, Hamilton 68 and selling the Russia collusion hoax.

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Nailing Malarkey was a much better bullshitter troll.

How many of these can a bullshitter fit into the back of a Ridgeline?
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“The story eventually published, “Move Over, Jayson Blair: Meet Hamilton 68, The New King of Media Fraud,” was based on email assessments of Twitter executives like Yoel Roth and Nick Pickles, the forensic analysis Roth had done in 2017 and which was excerpted yesterday, and interviews with people on the list. These elements — especially the interviews — made for a pretty ironclad case that the much-ballyhooed Hamilton 68 “dashboard” was a sham, that took real opinions of real people and falsely declared them part of a “network” of “Russian influence activities.”

Responding to Hamilton 68 - by Matt Taibbi - Racket

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