Tyree Nichols


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In the video, it seems that he is cuffed, and they are passing him around to take unguarded shots right at his face. Either that, or his hands are being held behind his back while they take their punches.




Mike G

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Ventura County, CA
We had an uber drive in New Orleans that was a retired cop.
HIs hands were pretty fucked up with arthritis which he attributed to
the "I only gave beatings when they deserved it" mentality.


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I saw some video, and what I saw was incompetence leading to frustration. The use of non-lethals was ineffective and pepper spray served to make Mr Nichols' last moments a torture and seemed to affect officers almost as much.

If these officers did their jobs well, they wouldn't have become so enraged and go bezerk. Once Mr Nichols was badly injured and somewhat subdued, his ineffective efforts to protect himself caused emotional bullies to vent their frustrations on a weaker being.

This immature reaction to stress has its roots in hazing/bullying and authoritarian power structures creating a mindset of using power to control all encounters. It is an indictment of our educational system, Police Academies, courts and media.

The police are us, and we are our own victims. We currently suck as a society, because this is something we produce in a statistically measurable fashion.


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I think it's fair to say the race of the cops is important...if they were white would action have been taken so swiftly? White cops would have been placed on administrative leave. As for the back the blue crowd, these cops are black. We all know back the blue means "back white cops who punish people of color".
I suspect the main difference will be the comparative lack of "interesting questions" raised about the victim. The whole batch of cops at the Floyd killing were arrested pretty quick too.