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Laramie, WY, USA
Umm, that's kind of not the point of a prison ship, ya know......

It's for a certain class of white-collar convict. Rob a liquor store of forty dollars? Twenty five years on Riker's Island. Rig the ForEx markets and steal $14 billion? You are invited to join our Preferred Felons cruise to select Caribbean destinations. Come aboard the newly-commissioned Prison Hulk 'V' and experience its 24 hour buffet (with Michelin chefs!) and cash bar. We have casino gaming (not that different from your day job, actually), live stock tickers so you can watch your wealth grow during your 'vacation', and a water slide. PlatinumClub members have access to spin classes, massage and day spa, and the Elizabeth Holmes Leadership Seminars.
That's ugly, but at least it's wildly impractical

Another Gem. East German, built before the fall. High carbon steel kept it from the ship breakers.

For what or why unknown.