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The gentleman's Mac26. Love that aspect ratio on the rig.

Not one but two masts on a motorboat! But it looks like they are sailing (extremely slowly) without the engine running and I actually like the boat. Possibly because it's carrying two small boats.

That's why it's for gentlemen....just look at that wake - see how it's side slipping in such low breeze?


hard aground

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It's a lovely home-built steel tri. The interesting part is the "foldable" amas allow it to fit in a normal sized slip. The less interesting: I don't remember what sized pate thickness was used but lets just be safe and say it's thicker than it really needs to be. By quite a bit. The rig is off an Ericsson 28. This boat should be in a commercial for Honda. It's powered by an outboard 8 that actually moves it at a relatively decent clip. Sailing isn't so quick.


Bob Perry

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The funny thing is that someties when I think about Eddie I have hard time remembering if was an orange deck on a blue hull or a blue deck on an orange hull.

Either way it doesn't work.

Thanks for the reminder.


Pertinacious Tom

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The blue one is uglier and from the waterline stain it appears to have been ass heavy, but having a waterline stain rules it out as a complete failure. Lots of failed metal boats never go in the water at all.