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This was posted back in April, but it's still a good read. We've trained the hell out the Ukes since 2014. They've been completely remade. They're no longer a former Soviet Republic but rather a neo NATO military.

I Commanded U.S. Army Europe. Here's What I Saw in the Russian and Ukrainian Armies.

The two armies at war today couldn’t be more different.

They WANT to be Western and they are willing to fight for it.
That was a great read, thanks very much.

Yes, definitely worth reading... a great story with several important points... thanks O!


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As long as the bridges are being used for Russians to leave they will stay intact. Easier to wave bye bye than have to kill them one at a time.

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Russians stole bicycles and civilan clothes to flee. @slug zitski says the war is already over and Ukraine lost.

Half of the soldiers fled in their vehicles in the first hours of the offensive, they said. Those stranded grew desperate. Some residents overheard their radio pleas to unit commanders for someone to come get them.

“They said, ‘You’re on your own,’ ” Matvienko recounted. “They came into our houses to take clothes so the drones wouldn’t see them in uniforms. They took our bicycles. Two of them pointed guns at my ex-husband until he handed them his car keys.”


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They seem to be surpassing the performance of recent (post 1945) US brass.

No, I think the US isn’t telling or advising the Ukes what to do vis a vis magical troop maneuvers. We’re giving them targeting intelligence like General Strokingov is at such and such a lat/lon. It would be a shame if something were to happen to him.

We may need to have them teach us how to use our weapons to win wars.
WHAT???? In the last several examples of combined arms maneuver warfare (desert storm 1 and DS part 2), we took down a fairly well equipped military. Especially, in part 1. It's the Asymmetric stuff that we suck at.


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Disagree. Strongly. Giving them intel is one thing. A small country learning the ultra complex task of combined arms movement while on the offense is an entirely Post Doctorate level skill set. Gen Milley was interviewed this week and he talked about that exact thing, about how difficult it would be to shift from the defense to the offense and execute a complex counter-offensive. The Ukes have shown amazing bravery, skill, determination and aplomb. But I don't think that skill set would be in their toolbox without some American Advisors whispering in their ears suggesting that maybe you want to structure your forces like this, send that unit over there, this one here, target this unit with your HIMARS, that one with Air, etc, etc.

And i don't say that in anyway to take away from what the Ukis are doing or have achieved or to pound America's chest. I'm just saying that I think our level of involvement is a bit deeper than just sharing intel and supplying weapons. I hope it is deeper, and I hope it stays sekrit so that Ukistan and Zelensky get all the credit they deserve.
It's interesting in its lightning speed of course. Do the Ukranians risk over-running their supply lines ala Rommel and Montgomery alternating lightning moves forward, then collapsing and retreating, or is Ukraine small enough that fuel, food and ammo can go to the spearhead?


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Zelensky says it's 'not even possible' that Trump did not recognize Putin threat​

BY JULIA MUELLER - 09/11/22 9:48 PM ET

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he was surprised by former President Trump’s continued praise of Russian President Putin even after Moscow invaded Ukraine, given how much information Trump was privy to about the fellow world leader.

“I believe he had enough time, plenty of time, to understand who Putin is,” Zelensky told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in an interview aired Sunday.

“I think he was sitting at such a high position where it’s not even possible not to recognize that [Putin] is the opponent in terms of values to your own people. He [Trump] has all the might of this country — intelligence, data — to create [a] psychological profile.”

Zelensky said he was “surprised” at Trump’s behavior “even after the beginning, with a full-fledged invasion.”

Remember this moment?



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