Ukraine and Only Ukraine. If it isn't about Ukraine then fuck off


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Personally I think their propaganda team aren't what they used to be.
WW1 version


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Do not anger Putin, give him a way out with his face saved.
Fuck it, the results are war crimes, death and rape. Nuclear threat and mobilisation.
Listen to the Baltic states, they know how he thinks and works. They have all experienced the brutal Russian actions and ethnic cleansing.

Chris in Santa Cruz CA

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earths surface
it Was four years without a real president, this is refreshing, I expect that the cheating soulless GOP will be forced to denounce the support of Ukraine within the next 12 months as they can only run on blocking and denouncing things the dems do and have nothing useful to run on Except for making america and world worse while convincing rubes it’s really better for america.


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A sombre thought.
I wonder if Russia will start calling up Russian men resident or naturalised in other countries. Or women for that matter.
Our LOTE librarian trained with the Russian army, her mum's in Russia.
Of course they wont go, but they'll never see their families again either. :(


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Putin's had the results for months already.
It's like that old Putin election joke. An aide rushes in "Do you want the good news first, or the bad news?" "Bad news," says Putin. "Your communist opponent got 65% of the vote." "Holy crap," says Putin, "what's the good news?" "You got 80%."


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Anders reckons we're gonna talk a bunch about a bunch of blowin up...

He's got some right but is sadly messed up about the Russian mil bloggers. Doesn't even know that Putin publicly told them to stop being nattering nabobs of negativism in their constant pointing out the mistakes the army was making or he would cut off their access and they all immediately complied, except a couple outliers like Strelkov, and yet says Putin "caved in" to them by escalation. The Russian public has never supported this so how could Putin have been afraid not to escalate because of public reaction?

I wouldn't bother with this guy anymore. There are so many who are much better.

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