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Looks like there’s an emergency



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I think he was trying to fuck up the entrance as much as possible and/or the car was used as a known thing that would burn a long time like a fire starter. Let me reference my library of urban gorilla warfare manuals 😀
I think you're right. It just seems like it would tend to help identify him. It's either his car, or one he has access to. It would at least narrow the field of suspects.


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Text from Rybar, best be seen with image.
The situation on the Limansky direction as of 13.00 September 27, 2022 ▪️Allied forces repel attacks on Liman from Ozerny and Shchurovo. ▪️A unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has entrenched itself in the village of Novoye. From the bridgehead near Redkodub - Novy, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to build on success in the direction of the village of Zelenaya Dolina and the Zherebets River in order to surround the Liman Group of Forces from the north and go to the rear of the troops defending the city of Liman. ▪️On the western flank, the BARS-13 army reserve unit successfully repelled all enemy attacks on Novoselovka, Drobyshevo and Shandrigolovo. ▪️East of the Liman, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine set up several pontoon crossings between Kriva Luka and Belogorovka, created a bridgehead on the northern bank of the Seversky Donets, transferred equipment to the bridgehead and began preparations for an active attack on the positions of the allied forces in this area ▪️Enemy mobile reconnaissance groups on light armored vehicles conducted reconnaissance in combat of the positions of the Russian Armed Forces in Yampol and Torskoy. The Kremennaya-Liman road is exposed to fire and is unsafe. ▪️ The last safe supply route for the Liman Group of Forces runs along the Svatovo-Makeevka-Terny-Liman road. The route is under the threat of blocking the Armed Forces of Ukraine both from the west from the Novy and from the south from the Seversky Donets.


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internet atm
Russian propaganda channels are preparing their audience for bad news. Aka stay strong, do not panic, our hero's are fighting hard.
probably well they should
the only reason it makes sense to panic mobilize ( like they have ) and send in untrained ( lately ) ill equipped troops is if the line was
in imminent danger of complete collapse